Who Are Logan Mailloux Parents?

Logan’s parents are Jeff and Vanessa Mailloux, who are from Ontario. 

The busy Mailloux family’s young children started skating lessons. Logan now plays for the London Knights of the OHL, however, he has never played for the Montreal Canadiens of the NHL.

The emerging star of Canadian ice hockey is about to become known throughout the entire sector. The 19-year-success old’s is entirely attributable to the constant care his birth parents gave him during his growing years.

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Who Are Logan Mailloux Parents?

Parents Jeff and Vanessa Mailloux were aware of Mailloux’s love of ice hockey before they became parents. Jeff and Vanessa are in favor of his pursuing a career in sports.

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The Ontario couple Jeff and Vanessa have up to this point praised their child in public, but they stay away from the media out of respect for their privacy. People are open, interested in, and enthusiastic about their views when using social media.

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Meet Logan Mailloux Mother Vanessa Mailloux

Mrs. Mailloux is the competent woman that oversees operations for Gateway Valuations Canada. She received her degree from Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology in Toronto.

Where she studied Recreation Facilities Management and Recreation Resources Management. Previously, Vanessa worked as the office administrator and a certified Scentsy consultant for Ray Bower Appraisal Services.

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On her Facebook profile, she only shares motivational messages for developing oneself. She removes items from Instagram in the interim so she may keep them private from her small audience of followers.

She writes an essay in which, as a proud mother, she extols the successes of her son in his ice hockey career. This OHL mother is a wonderful wife in addition to being a wonderful mother.

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Meet Logan Mailloux Father Jeff Mailloux

Ice hockey player Jeff Mailloux, who stands at 6 feet 3 inches tall, loves sports. Because they both like different sports, they make the ideal father-son team.

Jeff’s friends frequently refer to him as Bear. Before retiring in 2021 after thirty years of service to his country, this retired police officer discovered a passion for sports.

Jeff gives the other kid’s lacrosse performance the same amount of attention. He had publicly announced his resignation from the Windsor Police Department through his Facebook page.

He still has a special place in his heart for Senior Constable John Atkinson, who passed away in a shooting in May 2006 while a cocaine trade probe was getting underway.

Exploring Logan Mailloux Family Life

Mailloux lives in Belle River, Ontario, with his little family of four. Cassidy Mailloux is his older sister and also his mother and father.

The OHL giant is a few years older than Cassidy, a college student. While attending Bethany College, the senior of the Mailloux family plays middle for the Bethany Bison squad.

She attended Ecole Secondaire Catholic L’Essor for her high school education and then enrolled in college to pursue a degree in environmental science.

The 5’9″ monster is also known as Cass in her small group. She was the volleyball team’s assistant captain in high school and hailed from a family of athletes.

She is a skilled athlete who plays hockey as well, but as she got older and found her niche, lacrosse became her main sport.

Vanessa and Jeff enjoy spending time with their children, and Cass is frequently featured in Vanessa and Jeff’s Instagram posts.

Regularly attending her college games, the Mailloux couple also takes pictures of the three of them as proud parents and daughters.

Logan wishes to keep family photos outside the wide circle and underlines the need for his mother, father, and sister to have their own area during this time.

Logan has decided to keep the identity of his partner and his personal interactions private for the benefit of a better future.

The 19-year-old is excited to discuss significant events from his life with his peers, as well as his friendships as a young man with a potential future.

His Instagram is mostly made up of pictures from his incredible travels. His fans are growing increasingly curious about his love life and the people involved because he and his family have kept quiet about it.

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