The most popular Polish TikTok celebrity right now is Loczniki. They produce robotic dance films that are seamlessly synced with anime and video game character designs.

Netizens are curious to learn more about them because they have nearly 100,000 Instagram followers and 1.4 million TikTok subscribers. Here is everything you need to know about the rock band.

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Who Is Loczniki On Tiktok?

Polish dancers Loczniki on Tiktok are a couple. They are the most popular band on the internet right now, despite the language barrier. So much so that even if the caption, song, and hashtags on their video are all in Polish, people still interact with it by leaving comments on it in English. Consequently, their enthusiasm is actually unique.


Finding an audience that will stick around is difficult in the modern world, when everything is going digital. Every day, one piece of material goes viral and quickly disappears from the internet. This couple’s success can be attributed to their original idea for videos that link consistency with it.

They may be found on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. They are active and consistently update their content across all three channels. Global recognition is a huge bonus; they can support themselves by doing what they enjoy.

Anime Opening Videos Of Loczniki

The distinctive quality of Loczniki is how they incorporate anime into their dance. Many young people associate it to video games, anime, and the characters because of their robotic dance routines.

They recently posted content on TikTok that was an adaptation of the wildly popular video game “Friday the 13th.” California Gurls by Katy Perry was utilized for it, and it struck the ideal balance. Another example is the clarification of NPC in the video game Goat Simulator.

There is a tutorial for it, which is once more well-liked by gamers.


This duo is astute enough to target the appropriate platforms and audiences with the appropriate content. In addition to their Instagram photos, they also have longer films on YouTube, well-shot and adorable ones on TikTok.

On the latter, they are not afraid to express their affection for one another. In light of this, fans of gamers include both gamers and hopeless romantics.

A particular group of people solely follow them because of their chemistry. They inspired them to be faithful to one another and to their partner despite difficulties.

Loczniki Name: Her Family Details

According to Loczniki’s social media accounts, Loczniki is a couple that consists of a male and a female half. Oskar “Loczek” Szymkowski is the man, and Nicole Szymkowski is the woman.

Oskar may be found on Instagram using the handle @lo check, while Nicole can be found there using the handle @czuj.nicki. Additionally, they have the joint profile @loczniki official.

Speaking about their origins, the Loczniki were both born into Polish households. They proudly identify as Polish dancers.

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