Lisa Eldridge’s Partner, Parents, Children And Family Details

  • January 23, 2023
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In photography, you may recognize Lisa Eldridge’s husband, Robin Derrick. In her career, Robin has collaborated with prominent online publications, including Vogue and Glamour. Lisa and Robin, a

Lisa Eldridge’s Partner, Parents, Children And Family Details

In photography, you may recognize Lisa Eldridge’s husband, Robin Derrick. In her career, Robin has collaborated with prominent online publications, including Vogue and Glamour.

Lisa and Robin, a British fashion couple, have been leaders in the business for many years. Both Lisa and Robin have made their reputations in the fashion industry; Lisa is a cosmetics artist, and Robin is a fashion photographer and specialist.

At the tender age of six, she first became fascinated by cosmetics; by the time she was a teenager, she had developed a serious interest in cosmetics artistry.

After relocating to London, she pursued training as a photographic makeup artist. Her collaboration with Cindy Crawford catapulted her to fame.

Elle hired her for the job, and she worked with Elle on many occasions, showcasing the artist’s skill with the cosmetics at her disposal to a wider audience.

Since then, her work has appeared on the covers of several prestigious fashion periodicals, including Vogue, Love, Allure, Glamour, and Harper’s Bazaar. Her spouse, though, is also a well-known figure in the fashion world, but not as widely.

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Lisa Eldridge’s Husband, Robin Derrick

For more than fifteen years, Lisa Eldridge has happily married Robin Derrick. After dating for some time, the pair finally got married in 2007, and their lives together have been nothing short of perfect ever since.

Since they are both familiar with the fashion business and share a passion for it, they can communicate well and share common interests, which has contributed to their successful marriage of over ten years.

It’s unclear exactly how Lisa and Robin met, but they quickly became close owing to their shared professional interests. They continue to be close since they have many happy times and attend many shared activities.

Who Is Robin Derrick?

English photographer Robin Derrick specializes in portraiture, still life, and the world of fashion. Not only that, but he is also Vogue’s director of creative affairs.

As a young adult, he decided to pursue photography seriously and embarked on a career as a freelancer. The photos in the Vogue Diamond Jubilee issue from 1976 served as a source of creativity for him.

His interest in photography and his innate sense of style blossomed shortly after. In 2004, the guy launched his first solo photographic show in Paris, hoping to get recognition for his work.

Image Source: Married Wiki

He is also well-known as an insightful and original magazine director. Numerous high-profile magazines have featured his editorial work, including Vogue, GQ, 10 Magazine, and Dolce Vita.

Similarly, his list of advertising clients is long and prestigious, including Giorgio Armani, Rimmel, and Monsoon.

The photographer has won two PPA Magazine Designer of the Year awards and co-edited three books on photography.

Lisa Eldridge’s Family Background

Lisa Eldridge was raised in a family of entrepreneurs; she and her husband own successful companies. Lisa Eldridge Beauty is her online shop offering a range of cosmetics.

Stars like Dua Lipa, Gwendoline Christie, Milly Alcock, Elizabeth Olsen, Ncuti Gatwa, and Emma Stone are recognized worldwide.

Image Source: Daily Mail

However, her husband, Robin, started and ran MyBeautyBrand Plc. At Lisa Eldridge Beauty, he is in charge of all creative endeavours.

Children Of Lisa Eldridge

Luke and George are Lisa’s two kids. Her son George was born to her, while her husband’s kid Luke was taken to his ex-wife. George is a young man of 23 years, having entered the world in the year 1999.

Her other son, Luke, is also 25 years old. Their ages and given names are given in detail, but their credentials need to be.

Although he has become interested in photography, the younger son has been cagey about the specifics. Lisa and Robin have a history of secrecy regarding their personal lives, and they often avoid discussing these matters with others.

Where Are Lisa’s Parents From?

Lisa’s parents took them to New Zealand so they could have a baby. Both her father and mother are of British and New Zealander descent.

Lisa disclosed in an interview with Red Online that the couple met for the first time in Liverpool and eventually married after five dates.

The newlyweds have already moved back to New Zealand, where the makeup artist was born and raised. Lisa and her mother moved back to England after their divorce when she was just five years old.

However, her father remarried and started a new family with the new woman. Eldridge said in the interview that her father was diagnosed with cancer in his 50s and passed away in 2010.

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