Lil Rel Howery’s siblings, Marcus and Matt, live in Chicago, Illinois. Lil Red is his family’s eldest son.

The American actor and comedian was born on December 17, 1979. Howery is most known for his portrayal as Rod Williams, a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officer, on The Carmichael Show on NBC from 2015 to 2017.

In addition, he co-created, produced, and starred in the 2018–2019 television series Rel. Howery started out doing stand-up comedy at the Lion’s Den in Chicago’s East Side.

But he made his television debut on the reality series Last Comic Standing in January 2007. He appeared on HBO’s P. Diddy Presents: The Bad Boys of Comedy that same year.

His family appropriately shares the fame he gains. Therefore, we will disclose everything we know about his family and personal life here.

Lil Rel Howery
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Lil Rel Howery Siblings

Lil Rel Howery’s siblings are Marcus and Matt Howery. The younger brother of Lel Rel, Marcus, passed away in 2013.

Rel has a younger brother named Marcus, born on May 21 in the 1980s. The comedian remembered him on his birthday last year and wrote him a heartfelt greeting. He is sadly no longer with us.

He lost his fight with terminal cancer ten years ago. Since then, the family has often come out to let people know about the same.

Marcus was married and has two kids. Despite not knowing where they are, they have evolved and are working to make their lives better in order to please their father.

On the Facebook page for Marcus Isoneflyguy Howery, you may see information about his family. Along with a few moving memories of the dead person, the account has 297 friends.

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Matt, the other young sibling in the Howrey household, likes to play basketball. He was born on June 8 as reported by Lil Rey on his Instagram profile. He sent the boy a lovely short note with his best wishes and thanked a page for helping him make a special present for him.

He has chosen to stay away from his brother’s notoriety. You may look him up by name even on Facebook, but alas! Other than his hometown, nothing from it can be found.

Milton and Matt gave a song performance on their life and the changes they had to through as time passed. Before the publication in February 2022, the two acquired the rights to the material. The feedback is likewise favorable. Everyone is giving them acclaim.

Parents Of Lil Rel

His parents, Milton Howery Sr. and Nancy Howery, raised Lil Rel Howery in Chicago, Illinois. With Lil Rel, they are close buddies.

Junior Howrey, the son of Senior Milton and Nancy, was raised in the West Side of Chicago. He attended Providence St. Mel School from fifth through ninth grade.

His next stop was Crane High School. After writing jokes and a script for Crane’s senior talent show, Howery decided to become a comedian. He acquired the moniker Lil Rel due to his high school basketball ability since people compared him to his older uncle Darrel.

Nancy Howery, the mother of Lil Rel Howery, raised her three children with love and care. She sadly lost one, but the other two did not miss the chance to thank her for everything she had done for them.

Lil Rel Howery Wife And Children

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Lil Rel Howery and Verina Robinson were wed and had two children together. Lil and Verina exchanged vows on November 24, 2008.

Rel once had a relationship, but that was around ten years ago. In an interview with the New York Post, he claimed to have been married to Verina for eight years. They decided to go their separate ways in 2016.

Rel and his wife divorced as a result of her extramarital affair. Later on, he also admitted that he was the reason the marriage failed. He claimed to have learned to never marry young after going through it.

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