Leon Ockenden Wife Vanessa Hehir: Their Relationship, Married Life And Children Details

Leon Ockenden’s spouse, Vanessa Hehir, is an actress. Actress/writer Vanessa Hehir’s resume, is extensive.

The Hollywood star grew raised in the Cornish seaside town of Looe, where he made his acting debut at the local high school.

Leon studied acting at the London Academy of Music and Department of Art for three years, graduating with a scholarship in 2003.

Most people will remember him as “Callum” from his appearances on “Tripping Over.” Other films in which he appeared include 2009’s “Dread,” 2006’s “Waterloo Road,” 2013’s “Mr Selfridge,” and 2022’s “The Lair.”

Although details about his professional life are abundantly available, Leon is less forthcoming about his private life. He and his wife, Vanessa, both have extensive professional backgrounds.

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Know About Leon Ockenden’s Wife, Vanessa Hehir

Vanessa Hehir, Leon Ockenden’s wife, is an accomplished writer and director. Vanessa Hehir has been working in this industry for almost twenty years.

The gifted artist has appeared in several hit British television series, including Waterloo Road, Heartbeat, Unforgotten, and Reckoning.

Venessa is a writer and director based in Manchester. She began writing seriously in 2019 and has already completed two short films.

Intriguingly, both films did well after being shown at international festivals that count for nominations for the Academy Awards, the British Independent Film Award, and the British Film Critics Circle.

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Out of the over 4000 applications to Channel 4’s 4Screenwriting mentorship program in 2021, Vanessa’s comedy pilot “Unlucky” was picked.

In addition, “Unlucky” made it to the finals of the BBC Writers’ Room Comedy Room for 2020. Venessa is preparing to begin filming the comedy/horror short film “Cold Callers,” which is set to start production in September 2022.

Leon and Vanessa’s Relationship In Detail

While it’s easy to describe Ockenden’s professional acting career, it’s more complicated to do the same for his personal life.

He never opens up about his family life, especially his marriage. Nonetheless, we have made an effort to summarize the couple’s backstory.

Beautiful couple Leon and Vanessa, have been together for almost eleven years. Before they married in or around 2010, they kept their romantic connection under wraps.

Even though it’s unclear exactly when they started dating, they dated for some time to get to know each other.

Because of their shared interest in performing, it works out well that they are both employed in the entertainment industry.

In their post-marriage lives, Leon and Vanessa were both casts in the British TV series “Waterloo Road.” On March 9, 2015, the pilot aired on BBC One, and on the same day, the series finale was uploaded on BBC Three.

In 2013, the actress starred as Sue Spark, while Leon portrayed Hector Reid, a physical education teacher.
Ockenden and Vanessa have been together for quite some time, and throughout that time, they have been blessed with a daughter named Lyla.

There were rumours that their daughter was two in 2014. The year is 2022, and their daughter will be 10 years old based on age estimates. But the parents can still keep their kids out of the public eye.

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