Professional ballroom dancer, coach, and judge Leonard Gordon Goodman, also known as Len Goodman, hails from the UK.

His most notable accomplishment is serving as the chief judge on several television dancing competitions, including Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing with the Stars. Celebrities compete and dance on most shows he is involved with and judges.

The first of these series, Strictly Come Dancing, which he presided over from 2004 to 2016, included a glitter ball trophy as the prize for the winner. He also appeared in the TV series Holiday of My Life from 2014 to 2016, during the end of his time on Strictly Come Dancing.

Goodman and a famous guest visited beloved destinations in the documentary Holiday of my Life. He served as a judge for the US edition of Dancing with the Stars from 2005 until 2022, but this is where he is best known.

Who Is Len Goodman's Wife? Find His Married Life And Family Details
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Who Is Len Goodman’s Wife? Find His Married Life And Family Details In This Article.

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Len Goodman Wife Details

Sue Goodman, Len Goodman’s second wife, and he were united in marriage on December 30, 2012. Sue Goodman, or Sue Barrett, had been his partner for more than ten years before their nuptials.

It might be assumed that they began dating when she was 37 because she was 47 when they married. On the other side, Goodman was 58 years old. There were not many people present at the ceremony because it was small.

The dancer claimed that he had invited a few close pals under the pretence of a nice Sunday lunch. The arrival of the registrar and the start of the brief ceremony shocked the guests. According to him, he only notified his 96-year-old mother because he didn’t want her to suffer a heart attack.

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Len has said that Sue Goodman prefers to avoid the spotlight and has maintained a low profile since their marriage. Len frequently gushes about Sue and calls her his wonderful Sue, noting how beautiful she is and how happy she makes him. Apart from the fact that Sue Goodman teaches dance, not much is known about her.

Also unknown is if she works at or owns one of Goodman’s dancing studios. Goodman’s wife is fortunate to sleep next to him because he doesn’t snore, which is the only thing he has said about her.

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Len Goodman Children Details

Len Goodman only has one child; oddly enough, neither of his marriages produced this child. His first marriage, which appeared to span from 1972 to 1987 on paper, ended much earlier; 1987 was merely the year the divorce was officially granted.

He began a committed relationship with Lesley in 1980, and the two eventually gave birth to a son. Goodman claimed that Lesley was a young woman who had been married before to Wilf Pine, who had once been the manager of the metal band Sabbath.

On January 26, 1981, their son John William Goodman Bell was born. Early on, Goodman’s relationship with his kid worsened because when his parents split up, the boy moved in with his mother.

The boy was twelve. He returned to his mother’s native Isle of Wight with her. His kid began learning Latin and ballroom dancing in 2012 at the Goodman Dance Centre, which his father owns and operates, indicating that their connection has improved.

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Little is known regarding Goodman’s decision to forgo having more kids. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer in March 2009, and despite receiving surgical treatment at a London hospital, he can no longer bear children.

The general public is still unaware of how he is doing or whether the treatment has changed his mind about wanting or being able to have children. His likelihood of having kids seems nil given that his wife is now far past 50.

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Len Goodman Family Explored

One of three children, Len Goodman, was born in London on April 25, 1944. Despite being born in London, his family relocated to Blackfen when he was six. He went to Westwood Secondary Modern School in Blackfen and played cricket there.

He was initially the only one of his three siblings to opt to continue working for the family firm, while the others relocated to Newcastle. Welding was his family’s line of work, and Goodman started working as an apprentice welder for Harland & Wolff in Woolwich.

He only began dancing nearly by mistake when he was 19 years old. A doctor advised him to undertake it as rehabilitation for a foot injury.

Eventually, he became proficient at it, and Goodman soon began to win events professionally. He competed extensively throughout his 20s before calling it quit in his late 20s when he won the British Championships in Blackpool.

He has received the Carl Alan Award, demonstrating how his contributions to dance have been recognized on a national scale. But it wasn’t until he was named the chief judge of BBC One’s dancing competition Strictly Come Dancing in 2004 that he gained considerable public attention.

After taking over as the only head judge on Dancing with the Stars, the American version of Strictly Come Dancing, he gained popularity on a global scale. He has appeared in numerous television series, particularly on British television, as a result of the success of the two programmes.

Most recently, he returned unexpectedly as part of the drama’s ongoing dance narrative in the British serial show Hollyoaks. He also received some treatment for a tiny face melanoma, but everything appears to be fine today. In total, fourteen distinct shows can be found in his filmography.

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