Leah Litman’s Husband, Earnings, Net Worth: Is Leah Litman Related To Harry Litman?

Leah Litman resides in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with her partner Daniel (Dan) Deacon.

At the University of Michigan law school, the professor teaches and publishes about federal courts, constitutional law, and federal punishment.

Her research focuses on the unstated and implicit presumptions that influence how the federal judiciary, legal profession, and legal system are organized.

Her partner Deacon teaches legal subjects at the University of Michigan Law School.

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Who is the husband of Leah Litman?

Although Leah Litman hasn’t spoken publicly about her relationship with Daniel Deacon, she published a photo of the two in January 2021.

He once worked at Harvard Law School as a Climenko Fellow and law lecturer. Since Litman and her lover are both law grads, their professional histories are comparable.

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After graduating, he spent the entire summer as an intern lawyer at the US Solicitor General’s office. He also served as the Hon. A. Raymond Randolph’s clerk on the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.

The couple has a dog as a pet and reside in Ann Arbor, Michigan. His upbringing was in Evanston, Illinois. To keep their personal lives off of social media, the two have avoided using it. They have not yet become parents to their kids.

PartnerDaniel Deacon

Leah Litman Earnings And Net Worth

At the beginning of 2022, Leah Litman, an assistant professor at the University of Michigan Law School, owned $5 million.

This is only a guess; the exact sum might be different. According to Glassdoor, an assistant professor at the University of Michigan makes $105,857 year.

Similar to this, hr.umich disclosed Litman’s salary, which will be 174,000 year as a Michigan faculty member beginning in 2020. We assume that since then, her income has increased.

While serving as an assistant professor at the University of California, Irvine School of Law in 2019, she was also nominated for Professor of the Year.

She has additionally worked as a guest assistant professor at the Supreme Court Litigation Clinic at Stanford Law School. In 2021, she received the L. Hart Wright Teaching Award from Michigan Law students.

Leah Litman
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She has succeeded in a number of court battles with her husband Deacon. All of her accomplishments have raised her status and repute.

OccupationAssistant Professor, Podcast host

Are Harry and Leah Litman related to one another?

Harry Litman, an American attorney, professor of law, and political pundit, is not related to Leah Litman.

Given that they both have the same last name and work in the same industry, it is not unusual for them to be connected.

We know a lot more about Harry’s parents and siblings than about Leah’s. Shadyside, a district of Pittsburgh, is where Harry grew up.

David and Roslyn Litman, his parents, were lawyers and supporters of civil liberties. He is descended from Jews.

Their last names and educational backgrounds are the only things they have in common. They both graduated from Harvard College with degrees.

Harry and Julie Roskies Litman, who reside in La Jolla, give birth to three children. Additionally, he has a sister named Jessica Litman who studies copyright law at the University of Michigan.

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