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There is no Wikipedia entry for actor Joel Papouf’s biography. He does have his IMDB page. Let’s have a look at some of his significant achievements in the film business.

Papouf is a well-known actor and the son of a superstar. When it got discovered that he was the son of Katia Love, a renowned actress, he gained notoriety. He has appeared in films like Law of Men and Gangster Boss.

Age69 years old
BirthdayJune 27, 1952

Wikipedia: Who Is Joel Papouf?

At the moment, Joel Papouf does not have a Wikipedia article.

With the film Le Grand Chef, he made his film debut. He also appeared in films like Gangster Boss (1959), L’ennemi Dans l’ombre (1960), and Law of Men (1962).

Papouf couldn’t devote much time to filming because his mother became ill and had to relocate to Switzerland. He graduated from a university in Geneva with a high school diploma and a bachelor’s degree.

Eddie Barclay Record Company hired him as an author, composer, and performer in 1973. According to accounts, Papouf and his family are presently residing in Canada.

Joel Papouf’s Age In 2022

Joel Papouf is a well-known actor who is 69 years old. He was born in Paris, France, on June 27, 1952.

When Papouf, the son of French actress Katia Lova, was six years old, he was considered a prodigy since he could write and understand French.

He did not begin formal education until he was eight years old. When Henri Verneuil picked the toddler for his feature film ‘Le Grand Chef,’ he purportedly expressed his delight at the boy’s exceptional wit.

Film Le Grand Chef Details

In 1959, Henri Verneuil directed the Franco-Italian film Le Grand Chef.

For the second time, two courageous gas station employees are abducted. With the demanded ransom, they will set up shop on their own.

However, the billionaire’s little child they kidnapped torments them and causes them so many troubles that they forsake the ransom and even sacrifice their own money to get rid of him.

Furthermore, because little Jumelin appears to have gotten used to his two captors, Paolo and Antoine will be forced to play “nannies” for the sake of the father’s forgiveness.

Who Is Joel Papouf’s Wife?

Monica Costa, Jol Papouf’s wife, was married to him in 1975. She is well-known for her aristocracy and beauty.

In 1976, Papouf and his wife had their first child, Terence. Terence is presently working in the film industry as a film music composer.

In 1973, he made a brief appearance in French show business as an author, composer, and performer under the name Brice.

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