Lauren Lavera Age: What Has The Actress Said About Her Real Age?

Lauren Lavera’s portrayal of Alessa, the main character in Joe Lam’s horror and thriller film “The Fetus,” earned her a stellar reputation.

She made her acting debut as Poe in the 2017 television film “Under the Flowers.” Her latest success stems from her performance as Sienna in Terrifier 2.

Lauren Lavera Age: What Has The Actress Said About Her Real Age?
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Lauren Lavere Age Details

Internet users seem to have assumed Lauren Lavera was 44 years old despite her youthful appearance. However, the actress defended herself and urged fans not to believe everything they read on the Internet.

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In the film, fans can meet emerging actress Lauren Lavera, who portrays adolescent Sienna. Unfortunately, even though many horror aficionados complimented Lavera’s performance, others were more preoccupied with the fact that she was in her forties.

Real NameLauren Lavera
Birth DateApril 28, 1978

What Has The Actress Said About Her Real Age?

Lavera has made hints regarding her age but has not disclosed it. However, LaVera recently confessed in a tweet that she is a “90s/00s baby.”

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Last year, when she posted a preview for Terrifier 2 on TikTok, she also referred to herself as a “90s kid.” On Instagram, she greeted her fellow women of the 1990s with a happy Friday.

The actress has also acknowledged that April 28 is her birthday and posted images of her birthday celebrations on Instagram.

Lauren Lavera Addresses Age Debate On Twitter

Many horror fans praised Lauren Lavera for her portrayal of Sienna in Terrifier 2, but others were astonished when they learned her age.

Online rumors grew when some publications stated that the singer was in her forties. On her Super Stars Bio, the actress’s age is recorded as 44, yet, she is listed as both 42 and 44 on Idol Birthdays.

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In reaction to the age dispute, Lavera tweeted that she was not in her forties and warned her fans not to believe anything they read online.

She suggested that the British DJ Lauren Laverne may have misidentified her in the tales. DJ Lauren is 44 years old!

Lauren Lavera Terrifier 2 Role Details

In Terrifier 2, Lauren Lavera portrays Art the Clown’s (David Howard Thornton) new adversary, Sienna. Before the film’s release, Lavera spoke with Bloody Disgusting about what it was like to join the horror franchise.

Lavera stated that she had heard about Terrifier before the audition but had never seen it. Lavera was also unaware of the scale of the first Terrifer fan base, which made her ecstatic because she believes she would not have accepted the role if she had known how many people enjoyed the film.

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In the words of LaVera, that would not have been very safe. The entire time, however, Lavera felt encouraged by Thornton and Leone. She was unprepared for the number of direct messages she received from people offering to help build the costume or drag Sienna.

Yes, I’ll shed tears over it, Lavera replied. “Please finish that.” She had a love/hate relationship with the outfit because it wasn’t as enjoyable to wear as it appeared.


Lauren Lavera As Sienna In Terrifier 2

According to the trailers, Sienna has been physically and mentally tormented by Terrifier 2. Lavera explained to Bill Mosely, who portrayed her father in the completed film The Fetus, “how with horror, you must always be at a 10 for everything.”

“Because you are fighting for your life, the stakes are enormous. Since survival is at danger, it is incredibly taxing “explained the actress. Lavera utilized her exhaustion, melancholy, and suffering for the role, and perhaps this comes across to the audience.

Some FAQs

How old is Lauren Lavera?

Lauren Lavera is not 44 years old, as she is a 90/00s baby.

Who does Lauren Lavera play in Terrifier 2?

Lauren Lavera plays the role of Sienna in Terrifier 2.

Does Lauren Lavera have a boyfriend?

No, Lauren Lavera doesn’t have a boyfriend.

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