Kyrie Irving Kids, Parents, Siblings, And Vaccination Status On Media Day

  • September 29, 2022
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Unvaccinated Basketball Star Kyrie Irving of the Nets is a father to two children, son Kaire and daughter Azurie Elizabeth Irving. The professional athlete is the best ball-handler

Unvaccinated Basketball Star Kyrie Irving of the Nets is a father to two children, son Kaire and daughter Azurie Elizabeth Irving.

The professional athlete is the best ball-handler to play the game of basketball, thanks to his deft ball-handling abilities.

Kyrie Irving just made the hot list after bringing attention to the new vaccine mandate law proposed by the mayor of New York.

Kyrie Irving Kids, Parents, Siblings, And Vaccination Status On Media Day
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In This Post, Get To Know About Kyrie Irving’s Kids, Parents, Siblings, And Vaccination Status On Media Day In Details.

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Kyrie Irving Children Details

Azurie and Kaire are the daughter and son of Kyrie Irving. But he has two separate mothers for his kids. At 23, he gave birth to his daughter Azurie Elizabeth Irving, who is now his first child. His first child was born along with Andrea Wilson, his previous partner.

Sadly, before their kid’s birth in 2015, Kyrie and Andrea Wilson split up. Elizabeth Irving, Kyrie’s adored mother who passed away tragically in 1996, inspired the name of Kyrie’s daughter. The little Azurie found it fascinating and admirable that her father frequently wore her initials on his game-used sneakers.

Following his breakup with his ex-girlfriend, he quickly became associated with his influencer engagement Marlene Wilkerson. Finally, a year ago, Kyrie and the social media star welcomed their lovely boy, who also happens to be the athlete’s second child.

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Marlene posted several YouTube videos showing the moments before the birth and even recorded home birth. It also features more adorable pregnancy moments and the baby belly in a maternity photo shoot. Kaire was born in June 2021 to Kyrie Irving’s current lover, The Find, who is active on social media.

Who Are Kyrie Irving Parents?

Drederick Irving, a former athlete, and Elizabeth Irving, who passed away, are Kyrie Irving’s parents. He was born in Melbourne, Australia, to American ex-pats. When the athlete was only four years old, his mother died of a disease.

His siblings, London (his older sister) and Asia, make up Irving’s family (half-younger sister). As a professional basketball player who spent two seasons in the Australian National Basketball League, Irving has carried on his father’s sporting legacy (NBL).

After his father, Drederick, played collegiate basketball at Boston University and retired with the number 11, Kyrie continued the lineage. The father of Irving, who resides in New Jersey, has reportedly worked as a bond dealer at Reuters since 2000, according to LinkedIn. Similar to Drederick, who graduated from Boston University in 1988,

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It is also discovered that Irving’s father worked as a financial broker for Cantor Fitzgerald on the 105th level of the World Trade Center for several years before moving on to a different position at Garvan Securities.

Drederick fostered in his son a love of basketball. Kyrie showed his sporting prowess at a young age, and as he got older, he discovered more about his father’s profession. In addition, he gradually understood the emotional and mental anguish Drederick had due to the NBA’s push to remain at the top.

FatherDrederick Irving
MotherElizabeth Irving

Kyrie Irving Vaccination Status On Media Day

According to Fox News, Kyrie Irving reportedly spoke against vaccination requirements on Media Day. The basketball player expressed his displeasure when New York City Mayor Eric Adams recently changed the city’s regulations regarding COVID-19 vaccinations, which still require city workers to be immunized to work.

Kyrie Irving posted on Twitter that if he can work unvaccinated, all his brothers and sisters should be free to do the same without facing prejudice, dismissal, or defamation. The athlete also claimed in a tweet that forcing individuals to get the vaccine is one of the most significant human rights breaches in recorded history.

Vaccination StatusUnvaccinated

Kyrie Irving Sisters Details

Asia Irving and London Irving, Kyrie Irving’s sisters, are his two siblings. London Irving is his younger half-sister, and Asia Irving is his older sister.

SiblingsAsia Irving, London Irving

Asia Irving

On January 12, 1991, Asia Irving, now age 31, was born. An American fashion designer and model, Kyrie’s elder sister. Numerous prestigious fashion periodicals, such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, L’Official, InSyle, and Sports Illustrated, have highlighted her work.

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When she relocated to California to work as a makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics, she was 23 years old. She became a costume designer for her brother and other athletes due to her idea failing to materialize.

In Northeast Ohio and New Jersey, Asia created the Elizabeth Smith children’s clothing stores to sell Crib Rock Couture.

London Irving

14-year-old London Irving was born on February 28, 2008. Kyrie Irving, a basketball star for the Nets, has a younger half-sister named her. London and Kyrie have different mothers but the same father.

Drederick is her father, and Shetellia Irving is her mother. Drederick is her father. West Orange, New Jersey, is where London was raised.

Some FAQs About Kyrie Irving

How many kids does Kyrie Irving have?

Kyrie Irving has two kids, a daughter Azurie Elizabeth Irving and a son Kyrie.

Who are Kyrie Irving’s siblings?

Kyrie Irving has two siblings, sisters Asia Irving and London Irving.

Is Kyrie Irving vaccinated?

Kyrie Irving is not vaccinated.

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