Famous male English Vtuber Kyo Kaneko who joined Youtube in July 2022 has not done face reveal yet.

He belongs to the “ILUNA” wave of NIJISANJI EN, along with Maria Marionette, Aia Amare, Aster Arcadia, Scarle Yonaguni, and Ren Zotto.

He has attracted a considerable following and lots of attention very rapidly. He has a youthful voice and a solid desire to poke fun at his stream and make others laugh.

He wanted to be a filmmaker before joining YouTube, but he went to editing because he needed more friends.

Kyo has discussed his struggles with several health concerns that have necessitated several hospital visits throughout his life during a few broadcasts. However, as of the time of writing, the details of these condition(s) haven’t been made public.

Because of Ironmouse’s ability to entertain and create content despite her health issues, he claimed she served as his motivation to become a virtual YouTuber.

Kyo Kaneko
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Has Kyo Kaneko Unrevealed His Face?

ILUNA first-year student Kyo Kaneko is one whose face reveals internet users are looking forward to. Even though his avatar is female, he prefers to be addressed as he or him.

There are already 310K subscribers six months after he joined the channel. After entering the “ILUNA” sixth wave of the NIJISANJI EN, which also included Maria Marionette, Aia Amare, Aster Arcadia, Scarle Yonaguni, and Ren Zotto, he rose to fame.

Two members of NIJISANJI EN, Aia Amare and Kaneko will host a special webcast to introduce the new performers. The six XSOLEIL members will merge following their debut broadcasts.

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They will see a section of the first song’s music video together. The group’s debut song, “HOLD IT DOWN,” was made available on Wednesday on the NIJISANJI English YouTube channel.

People find it fascinating to see a young person whose avatar feels like a girl yet has a male voice. He has, nevertheless, managed to conceal his identity.

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Vtuber Kyo Kaneko Bio

VTuber Kyo Kaneko is presently enrolled in the first year at the ILUNA Institute of the Mystics. His main goal in life is always to laugh and enjoy himself.

In line with his initial description, Kyo is cheerful and laid-back with a propensity towards mayhem. When talking with his pals, he is honest and rarely holds back, which often results in conversations that are true and blunt in a hilarious way or on more serious topics.

His fellow livers regard him as a tremendously supportive friend, yet his razor-sharp wit and frequently brutal honesty frequently result in amusing roasting and disputes with them.

On July 6, 2022, he launched a YouTube channel and a Twitter account. He posted his debut tweet and YouTube video on July 20, 2022. Within a day of the announcement, he had amassed 100,000 followers on Twitter. His YouTube channel presently has 310K subscribers.

He had to end their game of Pokemon with Ren when his throat started to hurt. He apologized in a tweet to his followers for the sudden termination. He also streams games on Twitch, with 12.8K followers.

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