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Let’s look into what happened to cause Kya Davey to pass away. She left them behind, leaving her husband to raise their two boys alone.

Kya Davey: Cause Of Her Death

Kya Davey died in the hospital a day after being admitted with a strained back.

Even Kya Davey’s doctors recognized that she required emergency surgery at a hospital other than where she was being treated.

According to the family, medical professionals discovered a rip in her aorta within two hours of their arrival, a life-threatening emergency.

Wollongong Hospital, only a little more than 20 minutes away, could provide her with medical attention. Kya had surgery, and it took her another nine hours to recover. She passed away shortly after that.

Details Regarding Kya Davey’s Death Due To Marfan Syndrome

According to reports, Kya Davey died due to an aortic rupture, implying that she had Marfan syndrome.

Tall, thin people with long fingers, toes, and limbs are more prone to the syndrome. They are also prone to scoliosis and overly flexible joints.

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The risk of aortic aneurysm and mitral valve prolapse is most significant in the heart and aorta, the most vulnerable organs. Other organs frequently affected include the lungs, eyes, bones, and the spinal cord sheath.

MFS is caused by a mutation in FBN1, one of the fibrillin-producing genes, which results in abnormal connective tissue.

This disorder is autosomally dominant.

Kya’s Marfan Syndrome hasn’t been formally verified, though. However, the information will shortly be updated.

Kya Davey Family Details

Kya Davey had a loving family that included her husband and two children.

Kya abandoned Caleb, who was six years old, and Jackson, who was eight. The boys were given two teddy bears and a note informing them of their mother’s whereabouts.

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However, the family was disappointed to learn that the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District was not even aware of the medical records explaining what went wrong until 14 weeks after filing a formal complaint.

Mrs. Markulrc, Kya’s mother, claimed that her daughter’s organs died from being trapped inside her for too long.

There is no certainty that Kya would have lived if her aorta had ruptured, but according to her family, she had a chance, and that possibility was taken away by the hospital’s overworked system.

Twitter Tribute to Kya Davey

After learning about the hospitals, the news of Kya Davey’s death shocked the entire world.

A well-known journalist, Nat John Wallace, also tweeted about her death. @NatJohnWallace9 is his Twitter handle.

Her family members are devastated to learn that she has died.

One thought on “Kya Davey Death: What Happened To Her?

  1. With a ruptured Aoritic, people can die immediately, and if they don’t, then they usually only live 1 – 5 years even after surgery, where they require constant medical treatment and checks within that time. This was not the fault of the hospital, and when people die – part of grieving is where people want to point the finger and blame others for the death. It is sad that Kya died, but unfortunately she had been previously diagnosed with the disorder, and should have been getting treatment a lot sooner than when the rupture occurred. Hoping that the father takes the two boys back to Geelong, where they know, and will grow up fine.

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