Krista Visentin, David’s wife, is a licensed real estate agent in Canada and helps him manage properties. On October 7th, 2006, Krista and David tied the knot.

David, the famed realtor, got his start in the industry in 1987 when he was hired as an agent by Country Living Realty. On the other hand, Krista is a real estate agent who helped him out while he was on TV.

Since they both work in the same field, their union is the epitome of happiness and success. They work together to increase each other’s success in the real estate market.

They’ve known each other for a long period of time, so they can assist and offer advice based on their extensive experience in the area.

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Krista Grycko And Her Husband David Visentin

After 16 years together, David and Krista Grycko Visentin tied the knot. They wed in a small, intimate ceremony in Ontario.

Fans have long speculated that he is romantically involved with Hilary because he is often spotted with her compared to his girlfriend.

Still, he has stopped the rumors by insisting that the two are only friends who regard one another sincerely, almost like family.

As the wife of the most well-known real estate agent featured on Love It or Listed It, Krista has found success in her own right as a real estate agent who handles the renting, selling, and management of homes. Their marriage, which began in 2006, is exceptional in and of itself.

Still, the fact that they share a passion for and support one another’s professional development and the creation of a successful business empire is genuinely unique.

After dating for some time, David finally tied the knot with the woman he had been seeing, Krista Grycko. Since then, David and Krista have been a devoted and contented couple.

Krista And David Have Age Gap Of 5 Years

Krista Visentin, 52, looks just as stunning as she did when she was younger, and her husband, David, is 57. They’re five years apart in age from one another. Her youth is shrouded in mystery due to her reclusive nature.

Still, we know she had a strong passion for dance as a kid but ultimately decided to pursue a career in real estate because she saw an opportunity for success and financial independence in that line of work.

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Being born in Ontario, Canada, and having lived most of her formative years there, she is a naturalized Canadian citizen.

Find The Net Worth Of Krista

Thanks to her success in the real estate industry, Krista now has a net worth of $1 million.

She’s been working in the industry for decades and has earned a considerable fortune there; thanks to her husband’s connections and reputation, she’s also benefited financially from his work.

In addition, she doesn’t use any social media, leaving her many supporters in the dark regarding her personal life and business dealings.

Family Life Of Krista And Her Husband David

Through his success in television and real estate in Canada, he has provided well for his family.

Nick, his father, has been a family man since he was a teenager, and he has been working with him to build the business since he was a little boy.

In addition, for over 25 years, he found undiscovered prospective houses for a wide variety of clientele. They both have jobs in the sector now, are financially secure, and seem content with life.

The couple had their first kid shortly after the wedding. Their kid was born on March 30th, 2011. They had already been married for five years when their kid was born.

The first kid Krista gave birth to was born when she was 41 years old. He said the birth of David’s kid was one of his life’s best moments, and he has never stopped thinking about that day.

David loves his son more than anything in the world and sees all his wants and needs. Presently, Logan is 11 years old. Since he is so young, it’s safe to assume he is still in middle school.

Outside of the bare minimum, information regarding their son is scarce. Like his own mother, he has been kept out of the limelight. A house in Ontario, Canada, is shared by the group.

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