Kory Keefer Earnings, Net Worth, Girlfriend, And Dating Life Details

Gym owner Kory Keefer’s net worth must be at least $500,000 for him to appear in Season 2 of the reality television series Winter House.

Entrepreneur Kory Keefer is the owner of the Core24 Gym in the Greenville-Spartanburg-Anderson region of South Carolina. The company’s owner graduated from the College of Charleston.

His enrolment in the Bachelor of Arts in Communication program took place in 2008, and his studies were finished in 2012.

Kory Keefer
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Earnings And Net Worth Kory Keefer

Kory Keefer’s estimated net worth is $500,000. The average yearly salary for a gym owner in Columbia, South Carolina, was $67,188.

They received a total of $54,968 to $77,655 in payments. Keefer makes the most of his money in his capacity as CEO of Core24 Gym.

He worked in the corporate world for more than 12 years before opening a gym. The contender started his career in May 2007 while working toward his bachelor’s degree.

The business entrepreneur managed to juggle work and school simultaneously. Keefer served as Tams Entertainment’s booking agent for over three years.

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He started working as an intern in sales in November 2011 when he was a senior in college. He worked with SIB Development & Consulting Inc. in Charleston, South Carolina, for nine months before leaving in July 2012.

After graduating in October 2012, Keefer started working as a fitness consultant at East Shore Athletic Club. His departure from his position occurred in August 2013. After four years, the owner finally released RAAD in January 2016.

Before taking over as CEO of Keefer Kardio the next year, he served as the organization’s founder for more than two years. Keefer stepped into the role of CEO in January 2017 and left RAAd in September.

Prior to that, in November 2013, he opened the Core 24 Gym in Seneca, South Carolina. He spent nine years as the gym’s vice president and operations director.

Who Is Kory Keefer Girlfriend?

Keefer went to the show because he was single and wanted to win the hearts of the women.

However, the rival may easily win over a woman thanks to his charisma in the home. Prior to going to the event, Keefer had been focusing on his profession and living life to the fullest.

He posted the photographs on his social media platform and sent them to several women. He lounged around and discussed his travel diaries at the summer pool party.

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In honour of his mother’s birthday on August 11, Kory pinned, “Happy birthday to the most generous person I know!” As my mother, you have my highest respect. I treasure you.

Gary Vaynerchuk, the CEO of VaynerX, also has an impact on Keefer. He is the CEO of Vaynermedia and a best-selling author, according to the New York Times.

Exploring Kory Keefer Dating Life

Keefer may have dated several ladies in the past. In August 2013, the contestant went swimming with Julia, @alexalvo23, @natguinto, and @cooldrb.

After his work schedule, he started posting less regularly on his social forum. After being active on Instagram with the handle @korykeefer, Keefer currently has 4952 followers.

The competitor also frequently shares pictures of his friends and colleagues and him abroad. He visited South Beach, Miami, Bootsy Bellows Aspen, Highland Peak, Mountaineer Field, and Telluride, Colorado, among other places.

In addition to his employment, he also likes shooting, skiing, hiking, boxing, and racing. He even travelled to Park City, Utah, on February 28, 2020, with his family.

Kory Keefer: The Newcomer For Winter House Season 2

Keefer has joined Winter House, a Bravo reality series, for its second season. He is addicted to drugs. The competitor might be dating Craig, a close friend and former roommate.

Along with Amanda Battle, Jason Cameron, Craig Conover, Kyle Cooke, Paige Desorbo, Luke Gulbranson, Auten Kroll, Ciara Miller, Rachel Clark, Jessica Stocker, and others, Keefer made appearances in films and television shows.

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