Korean Englishman Controversy, Grooming Scandal, Real Name And Net Worth Details
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A YouTube video called Korean Englishman, which features pupils from Fulham Boys High School in London, England, has recently attracted much attention. The internet became popular with students like Armand, Ray, Max, and others.

Duo Josh Carrott and Ollie Kendal founded the English and Korean-language YouTube channel. The main objective of the Korean Englishman channel is to promote South Korean cuisine and culture.

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What Is Korean Englishman Controversy?

After his girlfriend made his acts on social media public, Ray, a pupil at Fulham Boys High School, became the talk of the grooming and Korean Englishman issue.

On July 12, 2022, the YouTube channel “Sojang” aired a video named “Shocking disclosure of a Korean girlfriend” on how she changed from being a fan to a lover of a Korean Englishman. However, it is now unavailable.

The YouTuber said that early on July 11, 2022, Ray’s Korean girlfriend revealed his actions on Instagram. He urged her to purchase a Dr Dre headset, and because he had the card details, he even used Amazon to complete the transaction.

Above all, the girlfriend disclosed that as soon as Ray arrived in Korea, he started using Tinder. He even spent the night at the home of another female and was discovered, which infuriated his purported Korean lover and revealed all the acts.

Ray’s actual name is Raykula, and he paid roughly 460,000 won in addition to sporting the AirPods Ray claimed to have misplaced. “Ray suddenly decided to buy clothing and spent 460,00 won with his girlfriend’s credit card details,” the now-deleted video said.

The YouTuber Sojang said in the video that he also begged his Korean girlfriend for money, and she gave him 780,000 won, which he consumed while drinking. In addition, he requested the Rolex watch that belonged to the father of his Korean lover.

The Korean girlfriend of the Fulham Boys High School student offered to purchase Ray a $5 million Louis Vuitton watch, but he declined and requested a Rolex instead.

The YouTuber claims that his Korean girlfriend travelled to England to date Ray. As a result, Internet users requested that the staff modify a Korean Englishman. When Raykula became aware of the discovery, he warned his girlfriend and demanded that she cease.

One channel subscriber wrote on the most recent video, “I’m cancelling my subscription.” Ray’s footage was included in a film yesterday that covered Fulham Boys and was released on the Korean Englishman channel.

Additionally, screenshots of Ray’s interaction with his girlfriend are popular online. Stay with us to gather more recent information on the Fulham Boys High School boy and his girlfriend.

Armand And Ray Full Name Revealed

The full names of Armand and Ray, two students of Fulham Boys High School, are Armand de Lambilly and Raykula, respectively. These two are two of the most notable lads ever shown on the Korean Englishman’s channel.

At Fulham Boys High School, Armand is the senior lad in charge. Following the YouTube broadcast of a video showing Fulham Boys High School pupils reacting to South Korean food, he received significant attention online.

Ray asked his girlfriend to buy Dr. Dre’s headset because he lost his AirPods ( Kbizoom )

According to the first video, “British High Schoolers sample Korean Street Food for the first time!” starring two lads, both were 17 years old at the time; as a result, they are most likely either 17, 18, or 19.

On one of the most recent films featuring the entire school eating Korean fried chicken, Josh, one of the Korean Englishman channel’s founders, claimed that the total number of videos featuring Fulham Boys High School had surpassed 100 million.

Korean Englishman Net Worth In 2022

As of 2022, the net value of the Korean Englishman on YouTube is predicted to be enormous. Following the inclusion of Fulham Boys High School, the channel’s subscriber base significantly increased; it now has over 5 million.

Most of the South Korean recipes featured on the channel were made by Josh’s wife, Gabriela Kook, a South Korean chef with Argentinean roots. She has a YouTube account of her own and is a content provider.

They also offer exciting material, with most videos receiving over a million views. The channel must generate enormous profits from its monetized channel and several partnerships.

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