Kiruna Stamell and her sisters, Peta and Melanie, grew up in the Eastern Suburbs. Kiruna’s younger siblings are the twins Peta and Melanie.

Kiruna is a skilled actor and dancer. Her most famous performances were La Petite Princesse in Moulin Rouge, the girl at the bar in The Best Offer, and Cupid in Love Hurts.

The actor loves to dance and has taken ballet, tap, and modern dance classes, among others. She became interested in acting while studying dance, theater, and film at the University of New South Wales in Sydney.

The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art also provided funds for her to study Shakespearean and Jacobean plays in 2005.

The actress has also portrayed Kristy Millar on the BBC soap opera Doctors since January 2023.

She was a March 13, 1981, birthdate and has British and Australian ancestry. She was initially diagnosed with a rare form of dwarfism. Kiruna is active on Twitter under the handle @Kiruna Stamell and on Instagram as @kirunastamell.

Twin sisters Peta and Melanie have a distinct type of dwarfism, like their sister Kiruna. All three siblings experienced prejudice and mistreatment throughout their lives due to their physical peculiarities.

Kiruna Stamell
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Kiruna Stamell Sisters

Together with her sisters Peta and Melanie, George and Kerry Stamell welcomed Kiruna Stamell into the world in Sydney. George and Kerry were both high school educators.

  • Peta Stamell

Currently, Peta Stamell serves as managing director at Little Products Pty Ltd. An Australian company called Little Products makes and sells products for kids with disabilities, short stature, and other conditions.

Peta has three years of experience working for the BBC as an assistant in TV and Multiplatform Production Management and as a “Ouch” Production runner. Additionally, she worked as a researcher for BBC for two years.

She also received the 2018 Griffin Accelerator Business Grant in addition to the 2017 ACT Innovation Grant. Peta pursued her interest in graphic design at the University of Canberra.

Through a Kickstarter campaign they launched, Peta and her sister Melanie made the light switch converter.

The adaptor was specifically designed for persons who have problems reaching the light switches. Due to the collaboration and dedication of two sisters, one of whom is an engineer and the other a graphic designer, the campaign is successful.

  • Melanie Stamell

The company’s creator, principal product designer, and partner is Melanie. She had spent eight months working in Wales and Ireland as a rehabilitation engineer.

She had a keen interest and passion in developing solutions for people with disabilities. As part of her investigation, she looked into several rehabilitation engineering facilities in Wales and Ireland. She also liked her job as a rehabilitation engineer because it fit with what she was interested in.

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Melanie obtained her system engineering bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the Australian National University. As a student, she joined the Australian National University Mountaineering Club and the National University Caving Club for a number of events.

Both she and Peta, Melanie’s twin, like making people’s lives simpler. Both sisters are members of the non-governmental organization Little People of New Zealand. Tiny people, their families, and anyone concerned about their welfare make up the nonprofit LPNZ.

Gareth Berliner Is Kiruna Stamell’s Husband

Kiruna Stamell married her husband Gareth in 2012. Gareth is an actor, comedian, and writer.

Berliner has appeared in a number of stage, television, and film productions. Berliner made his acting debut in 2014 with Pirate and Parrot.

He is also well known for his appearances in several TV series, such as EastEnders, Doctor Who, and Coronation Street.

Image Source: instagram

He established himself as a successful stand-up comic. He started performing professionally as a comedian in 2005, traveling the UK and Europe.

Additionally, he collaborates with a lot of amusing folks and does stand-up comedy as part of the Cracking Up NHS program.

Married Life Of Kiruna and Gareth

Gareth and Kiruna Stamell celebrate their wedding day on September 22. Gareth shared an Instagram collage of himself and his wife on their ninth wedding anniversary.

On their Tiktok account, @garethandkiruna, the duo posts funny dance videos. The duo also creates kid-friendly videos for their 182 subscribers’ Pirate and Parrot TV YouTube accounts.

They also work as executive producers for the new company A Little Commitment Ltd., which began in 2014. The company turns the well-known Pirate and Parrot children’s theatrical show into miniature theater tours.

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