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A 1-year-old boy who suffered multiple injuries and died was abused by Kimora Hodges, a 21-year-old Michigan babysitter.

Young mother Taylor Starks is the sole parent of one child and has no other family members. She didn’t have the child’s father with her, and she was away from her parents.

She, therefore, put in a lot of effort to support herself and provide her 11-month-old baby, Kyrie, with a good upbringing.

There was no one to look after her child when she was abroad because she spent most of her time outside her home.

As a result, she had a two-month-old arrangement with her neighbor and friend Kimora Hodges to watch the child while she was abroad.

Her child was suffering on the ground, having numerous seizures after seizures, and having blood come out of his ear made this moment feel different.

She immediately brought her infant to the local hospital, where physicians conducted an emergency operation but could not save the youngster’s life.

Hodges has since been taken into custody on suspicion of killing a child through abuse and assault.

Who Is Kimora Hodges? Her Biography

A child was viciously assaulted by Kimora Hodges, a 21-year-old Michigan babysitter, which led to the child’s death.

The incident happened on June 14, when Starks stood in for her babysitter to view her child’s awful circumstances.

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Hodges and Starks were neighbors and friends, and they seemed to get along well.
Where Kimora was to watch the 1-year-old child while his mother was at work was agreed upon, and it was still in effect.

The mother had anticipated the 21-year-old babysitter treating the infant with care, but that was not the case.

Facebook And The Mugshot Of Kimora Hodges

You may locate Kimora Hodges on Facebook using her real name, and her mugshot is posted below.

Her arrest-related mugshot is readily available online because both the image and the news are circulating widely on social media.

The woman also has a Facebook account, with a picture of herself as the cover photo and a picture of a baby girl as the profile photo.

It’s believed that the child in the background is Hodges’ daughter.

How Did Kimora Hodges Kill The 1-Year-Old Baby?

According to the mother, Kimora Hodges violently shook and threw the 1-year-old infant against a wall.

She continued by saying that some of what she had said was accurate based on what the police had told her.

This demonstrates unequivocally that Kimora had been roughhousing the youngster for a considerable time and that the cumulative effects of all of her actions were detrimental to the child.

Taylor mentioned Hodges’ claim that the infant had eaten soap and acted strangely as she opened up.

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