With his lengthy and current UFC career, MMA fighter Khalil Rountree frequently makes headlines for his love for his well-known girlfriend, Mia Kang.

Although Kang is not a professional fighter in the UFC, they both have a similar enthusiasm for Muay Thai. However, although the combat sport played a significant role in their dating life, the two have thus far had a happy romantic connection.

Khalil competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s light heavyweight category. In 2016, he joined the most well-known MMA platform, brotherhood, and he has since had a busy professional life.

Although he has yet to win a championship, he has twice been named Performance of the Night winner for his close match against Gökhan Saki in 2018 and Karl Roberson in 2022.

Despite his fighting demeanor and moniker “The War Horse,” his name is still well-known.

Khalil Rountree Girlfriend Mia Kang, Earnings, Net Worth, Salary And Family Details
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Who Is Mia Kang? Explore About Khalil Rountree Girlfriend Mia Kang, Earnings, Net Worth, Salary And Family Details In This Post.

Who Is Khalil Rountree Girlfriend?

Mia Kang, the adored girlfriend of Khalil Rountree Jr., is a hustler in terms of her multiple occupations. She has improved her life and gained good, but she is also still working in entertainment to spread awareness and do good.

Kang has had body shame since she was a little child, which has completely changed her life. Mia was born to a South Korean mother and a British father, both academics. She was frequently bullied because of her history and weight issues since she was an outsider at her school.

At halving her weight by the age of 13, she underwent a fantastic metamorphosis. She soon started modeling and became an activist for body confidence.

She has worked in various professions, including modeling and finance, and she made a solid comeback to modeling in 2015. She was chosen as the winner of the magazine’s Swimsuit 2016 Model Search in August 2016.

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She was named a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2017 Rookie and appeared in the magazine’s 2017 swimsuit issue. Kang already has a full plate and started hosting Spy Games on the Bravo channel in August 2020. In the same year, she also released a book titled “Knockout.”

In addition to her several jobs, Kang is most well-known for her charitable endeavors. She strives to collaborate with a charitable organization in every nation where she models and keeps up with online users via her social media accounts, particularly Instagram.

The Wor Watthana Muay Thai gym is being supported by the Muay Thai trained model. It benefits kids in an underdeveloped area of northeast Thailand.

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PartnerMia Kang

How Much Is Khalil Rountree Jr.’s Net Worth?

Khalil Rountree, a light heavyweight fighter for the UFC, makes a good living, which helps him boost his net worth. He has accrued more wins than losses in his six years in the industry. His contract-signing terms and conditions have been paying him well since with such an excellent professional run.

The parties still need to make public the payment amounts that increased Khalil’s net worth details, though. He is unquestionably a UFC fighter who has amassed a fortune of over $1.5 million,according to All Famous Birthdays, all of which came from his fighting career.

Before joining the UFC, he competed in Resurrection Fighting Alliance and The Ultimate Fighter. He has almost ten years of MMA experience, and at RFA in 2014, he fought for the first time professionally.

The War Horse is content with his position as a millionaire even though he has not yet publicly praised the reports because so much effort went into his fighting days.

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With a lot of optimism and preparation for his next fight against Dustin Jacoby at UFC 213, Rountree Jr. is hoping for a victory to add to his UFC record of 10 wins, five defeats, and one no-contest in his 16-bout career to date.

The other half of the fans have grown more interested in his personal life, particularly his relationship with Mia Kang, due to all the publicity about his fighting career. Because Kang is a Muay Thai fighter, fashion model, and TV personality, he is a well-known public figure in all three fields.

Net Worth$1.5 million

Khalil Rountree Salary Explored

Although Khalil Rountree and the UFC staff have kept their salaries under wraps, the fighter will undoubtedly be paid handsomely enough to further his career on this platform.

Even though he hasn’t spoken much about his pay, Modestas Bukauskas received $20,000 for their fight at UFC Vegas 36 in September 2021, according to MMA Salaries in 2021.

Khalil might have received the same compensation for a single fight. However, because he prevailed, he might have received double his base pay following the organization’s policies.

The precise information on his pay on other days has yet to be made available to the public or the media. However, since his start, he has maintained a stringent code of professionalism regarding his profits.

However, Khalil and his girlfriend have been making ends meet thanks to his social media posts showing his current lifestyle with high-end luxury and brand clothing. The sum of Khalil Rountree’s earnings during his UFC career is astounding.

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Khalil Rountree has been living well up to this point while keeping quiet about the precise sums and safeguarding his privacy. The War Horse, who competes out of Las Vegas, Nevada, has made a staggering $242,000 in his career since his final bout in March 2022, according to Tapology.

That evening, he battled Karl Roberson, defeating him by TKO in round two. His next match is slated for October 29, 2022, at UFC Fight Night 213, which will increase his career earnings by a few thousand.

If he prevails in the fight and his brand value increases on fight night, he may also double his compensation. Khalil receives money from his reputation as a public figure and his UFC salary. Throughout his career, he has endorsed numerous brands on various topics through social media and advertising campaigns.

In addition to his vocation as a fighter, this young man has several other options for earning extra money. Khalil Rountree, an MMA fighter, still needs to designate Mia Kang as his legally wedded wife. Mia Kang and Khalil Rountree have been together for a while but haven’t legally become husband and wife.


The two live together and have frequently worked together. Their increasing relationship is evident through their social media presence. This pair ensures everything is fine until their wedding day because their love is public, and the internet community has encouraged them.

Although they haven’t discussed getting married, Khalil and Mia are sincerely in love and want to wed someday. The 32-year-old War Horse, his 33-year-old Muay Thai girlfriend, has never been married. In other words, given their many similarities, the two are an ideal match.

Both share the same interest and have encountered comparable circumstances in their struggles with weight. Therefore, they might take little time to tell their followers about their primary choice.

Khalil Rountree Family Background Details

Many might not be aware that Khalil Rountree Jr. is named after his late father, who died, leaving behind a needy family.

On May 25, 1992, Khalil Rountree Sr. was killed during an attempted robbery while serving as Boyz II Men’s tour manager. Since that time, Khalil Jr.’s wife and son have endured trying times due to his weight gain, poor lifestyle, and smoking addiction.

After overcoming these obstacles, the lightweight MMA fighter started his amateur career in 2011 and is now regarded as a household figure in the sport. The 32-year-old still thinks about his deceased father and never forgets to wish him a happy birthday on February 5.

Khalil Jr., on the other hand, is close to his mother, whose identity he has chosen to withhold from the world out of respect for her privacy. Mrs. Rountree regularly attends his fights and will even give him advice on moving.

When she offered fight advice in 2016 while Khalil was in the ring, UFC watchers were in awe. During the bout, Khalil yelled, “Mom, Shut Up,” The clip is still available on UFC on Fox’s archives.

Since they only have each other, the UFC fanbase has praised the mother-son team’s connection and closeness. Similarly, KHalil Jr.’s brother, with whom he grew up watching UFC, is a member of the Rountree family.

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Some FAQs

Who Is Khalil Rountree Girlfriend Mia Kang?

The UFC fighter is currently dating the Muay Thai fighter and body confidence advocate TV host Mia Kang.

How Much Is Khalil Rountree Net Worth As UFC Fighter?

Khalil Rountree Jr. is reported to have a net worth of over $1 million as of 2022.

What Is The Total Earnings of Khalil Rountree Today?

The UFC fighter is reported to have earned $242,000 USD as of 2022 from his UFC career.

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