Kenny Dalglish Daughters
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Sir Kenny Dalglish is a legend of the Merseyside team Liverpool and a legendary personality in sport. The famous Scott, who was not only a wonderful player but also a fantastic coach, scored some of the most memorable goals and won numerous titles while playing for The Reds.

Every time King Kenny appears on the screens, the fans at Anfield continue to sing his name. In 1985, Dalglish joined the MBE, and his family surrounded him when he was knighted in 2018.

The person who has held a variety of positions such as player, coach, and manager was also a devoted husband and father who raised four kids with his wife, Marina Lady Daglish.

On November 26, 1974, the couple said “I do.” Over the course of their 48 years of marriage, they had four children.

Who Are Kenny Dalglish Daughters? Their Names

In 1975, Kenny Dalglish and his wife Marina Dalglish became parents for the first time when Kelly Dalglish was born. Paul, Lauren, and Lynsey Dalglish were the couple’s subsequent three children.

Two of his daughters pursued careers in the world of sports, while the other one went in a completely opposite direction. Consequently, let’s learn more about the illustrious Scott’s daughters.

Who Is Kelly Dalglish?

The oldest of Kelly Dalglish’s four siblings, she was born on September 28, 1975. Kelly noted in an interview with The Sunday Post that while her father’s abilities on the field were unmatched, they paled in comparison to his wife, Marina, at home.

Kelly Dalglish
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Kelly serves both radio and television listeners. The eight-hour millennium special of the program The Big Breakfast marked the oldest Dalglish’s television debut.

Since then, she has collaborated with Mark Chapman on ESPN’s Premier League coverage, and she has worked with Sky Sports since 2016 on their live coverage of the Sky Bet English Football League.

Before their divorce in 2021, Kelly and Tom Cates had two children together.

Who Is Lynsey Dalglish?

Lynsey Dalglish, the couple’s third child and second daughter, was born in 1982. Lynsey is a commercial manager for the business BioGrad.

Lynsey Dalglish
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Medical students can gain experience in the world of research by working with some of the greatest experts in the world in their respective specialties through BioGrad.

Lynsey has avoided the spotlight and is not frequently photographed, unlike her elder sister.

Who Is Lauren Dalglish?

Lauren, Kenny’s youngest child, was born in 1988. Lauren is an executive assistant at the business Pitch International. She completed her schooling at Newcastle University and graduated with a degree in English literature.

Lauren Dalglish
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Leading sports marketing agency Pitch International is presently collaborating with Sky Sports to bring its first original series, The Window.

She puts a lot of effort into making their brand shine out in front of the public while not working closely with the people on the pitch.

Kenny Dalglish: Does She Have A Son?

In 1977, Kenny and Marina Dalglish gave birth to their first son and second child. Paul pursued a career in football, just like his father.

Before joining Newcastle United, he played for the Celtic Youth squad and the Liverpool team, but neither team saw him make an appearance. His first appearance came in 1997 when he made his new team’s debut.

Paul scored 22 goals in 202 appearances and won an MLS Trophy, despite having a less ornamental career than his father.

When Paul was a member of his old team, the Houston Dynamo, he also tried his hand at coaching. He worked with various teams in the US second league tier after that.

His most recent position as manager was with Miami FC, where he worked until November 15, 2021.

Who Are Kenny Dalglish Grandchildren?

In addition to raising four lovely children, Kenny Dalglish and Marina are also devoted grandparents to five of their grandchildren.

When their eldest daughter Kelly gave birth to her little child in 2009, they became grandparents for the first time. Gabriella, their first child, was born to Kelly and her ex-husband Tom Cates. She is now 13 years old.

When his son Paul and his wife Brandi welcomed a boy and a girl into the world in 2011, Kenny Daglish then celebrated becoming a grandfather of twins. November 11, 2010 saw the birth of Rocco and Coco Rose.

Scot became a grandfather for a fourth time after Kelly welcomed Milla, her second daughter, a few months later. Taylor Dalglish, the firstborn of Lynsey Dalglish and her boyfriend, was his fifth grandchild.

The legendary Liverpool player has a special relationship with each of his grandchildren and was previously involved in a humorous Twitter conversation that also included Virgil Van Dijk.

The former footballer’s grandchild stated he would beat the crap out of Kenny as he would play as Virgil Van Dijk after being named the ultimate FIFA icon for 2019 by FIFA.

The Scotsman may have retired from football, but he remains a part of his old team as he joined Liverpool in 2013 as a non-executive director.

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