Kelly Dwyer Death Cause, Obituary And Find What Happened To Her?

Find out the death cause of Kelly Dwyer who was first detected by her co workers.

Investigators would find that her phone was dead, her social media accounts were inactive, and her debit card had not been used.

Later, investigators learned that Dwyer had been out with her lover of almost a year, Kris Zocco, when she was last seen alive. Police first suspect Zocco was responsible for Dwyer’s disappearance, a suggestion he vehemently disputes.

Investigators also learn that Zocco had a long-term partner who was not aware of Dwyer and that Dwyer was seeing others she met on dating websites.

Kelly Dwyer
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Details On Kelly Dwyer Death Cause And Obituary

Many people were curious to know what was Kelly Dwyer’s death cause. According to accounts, she misused cocaine and alcohol while indulging in riskier romantic behavior.

Additionally, Kelly was confused about her relationship with IT executive Kris Zocco since she continued falling for him despite his distant and harsh manner.

She also worked as a side career nannying and teaching yoga. The young adult enjoyed life in the city with parties, dating, and a carefree lifestyle. But behind all the happiness, Kelly was concealing a big secret.

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Kelly and Zocco had a date on October 10, 2013. The following morning, they returned to his home. Two days after Kelly didn’t show up for work, her coworkers tried to reach her on her cell phone and social media.

When their attempts failed, they informed the police. Kelly’s debit card had not been used since that day, the police later learned. Her phone had also ceased working, as had her social media accounts. As a result, Kelly was no longer visible on the globe.

Find What Happened To Her? Her Murderer

Kelly Dwyer’ was found dead and Kris Zocco was found guilty of her murder after a trial and subsequent conviction. On October 10, 2013, at around 8 a.m., Kelly and Zocco went to the house of their cocaine source, but they left empty-handed.

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They decided to spend the evening at their favorite pub, Allium. The pair was captured on camera entering Zocco’s Park Lafayette Towers apartment on the 18th floor at around 2:37 in the morning on October 11. To everyone, that was Kelly’s last glimpse.

Zocco was the last person to see Jessica alive, making him an immediate suspect in her disappearance.

When questioned by the authorities, Zocco admitted that they when they returned to his apartment. Later, due to alcohol drunkenness, they passed out on the couch. Then, he said, Kelly left his apartment on her own.

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