After working together for more than ten years, Aussie Gold Hunters Kelly and Henry decided to part ways. In Aussie Gold Hunters, we follow Kelly and Henry, two gold miners.

Dedicated teams of Australian gold prospectors are featured in the hit Australian reality TV show Aussie Gold Hunters.

The first season of the Discovery Channel show, produced by Electric Pictures, began on September 15, 2016. It has done well in the ratings and is broadcast in 125 countries, including the UK.

The factual program was picked up for two seasons in August 2022. Season 8 premiered on Monday, January 9, 2023, after Season 7 ended on October 13, 2022.

Gold miners in Western Australia, Queensland, and Victoria are followed throughout the season as they work for their own goals. On February 13, we were treated to the most current episode of Season 8.

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How Is Kellie Carter’s Relationship With Henri Chassaing Now?

After Henri’s unsuccessful attempts to mine for gold with Kellie on Aussie Gold Hunters, the couple broke up. The couple attained widespread recognition after being showcased in the documentary Aussie Gold Hunters.

Neither has been seen since the show’s first two seasons, during which they participated in a gold-hunting adventure. Many assume they broke up because of money problems.

The two actors were among the show’s original ensemble. In the first season, viewers met three groups of professional gold miners who traveled to Australia’s outback in the hopes of striking it rich.

Greg Clark and his wife, Christine, made up the initial team. Self-taught prospectors, they’ve spent their life savings on a mining lease for a tiny plot of land near Kalgoorlie and the necessary equipment.

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Following them were longtime associates and good friends Leon Marsh and Vernon Strange. Their total expenditure was close to $1 million.

Then, Henri and Kellie, two pals, who joined the ensemble in the hopes of making a big break, appear. In Episode 3 of Season 1, the two hunters found some gold near a salt lake and resumed their season.

While playing against the Gold Gypsies, Chris and Greg struck a hot run in the next episode, which aired on August 22, 2016. In the following episodes, the couple took serious chances to maintain their momentum.

They run across face poachers, a dry spell, mechanical failures, and brigands. Kellie and Henri plan a desperate last-ditch effort to find large nuggets in the season finale (E8).

Know More About Kellie Carter: Where Is She Now?

After exiting the program in 2017, it’s assumed that Kellie went on to do her gold prospecting. She first came to widespread attention thanks to her appearance on Aussie Gold Hunters, when her kind demeanor won over viewers.

In the series, she developed strong feelings for her hunting companion. Following the success of Season 1, Carter returned in 2017 for Season 2 alongside her new partner, Chassaing.

In addition to Carter and Chassaing, four other hard-core groups of gold prospectors were added in Season 2.

The third episode features their trip to Salt Lake City, where they find cutting-edge technology. In the sixth episode, the gold miners got into a fight because of the extreme weather.

But at the same time, the Gold Gypsies face a significant danger while the Dirt Dogs celebrate a potentially lucrative find.

Know More About Henri Chassaing: Where Is He Now?

Henri decided to avoid the spotlight after quitting the program in 2017. Some claim that the former prospector is now active in the property industry.

In January of 2023, when Season 8 of the program premiered, viewers were hoping to see the pair start gold mining together (once again).

The close bonds that were formed between everyone were much appreciated. On the other hand, in Season 2, Episode 6, they argued.

They had found several precious things throughout their stay on the program, such as the $32,000 worth of gold beside the lake. They were able to complete half of their season goal because of the discovery.

In March 2017, the twosome stopped by the Albany & Great Southern Wilderness Tours booth at the Cavaran and Camping Show. A happy snapshot of Albany was even posted to their Facebook page.

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