Keesha Sharp’s Husband Bradford Sharp: Find Their Family And Married Life Details

Bradford Sharp, Keesha Sharp’s husband, is an actor and songwriter. Solomon Sharp is the son of Keesa and Brad.

Keesha has been a working actress since 2000, just like her lover. She is 49 years old and was born on June 9, 1973.

Keesha has 43 credits in her 23-year career, which spans television, films, animations, and short films. She has written and directed more than ten projects in addition to acting.

In two short films from 2014, “The 636,” in which she also starred, and “Half Off,” which she also directed, she contributed as a writer.

She has directed more than nine projects, on the other hand. The majority of them are short films and episodes of projects in which she also has a leading role, such as “Lethal Weapon” on television.

Keesha Sharp's Husband Bradford Sharp: Find Their Family And Married Life Details
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Who Is Keesha Sharp’s Husband?

Bradford Sharp, Keesha Sharp’s husband, is an actor and musician who lives in Los Angeles. Branford and Keesha wed on August 1, 1997.

Brad is most recognized for his work as an independent musician. He combines rock, soul, funk, and roots in his music.

According to his Spotify website, Brad has published two albums, one EP, and eight singles. One of those records is a Christmas CD that he and his wife, Keesha, collaborated on. It also includes Solomon, their son.

He sells them on his website, although his back catalogue is far vaster. Additionally, he has his partner, Keesha, model for some of the products he offers on the internet. He also publishes a lot of songs and performances on his YouTube page.

In addition to his compositions, from 2015 to 2016, Brad was a part of the Four Seasons, Franki Valli’s backing group. During the short time he was in the band; he went on tours with the singer.

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Brad has five acting credits to his name and has also tried acting. His debut appearance was a small cameo in the comedy “Impure Thoughts” from 1986.

He didn’t act again after that minor role until 2005; he had irregular parts up until 2017 and has yet to do so. In addition to performing, he has composed music for a TV movie and helped produce one of Keesha’s short films, “The 636.”

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Keesha Sharp Family Details

The only members of Keesha Sharp’s family are her partner and their youngster. Every member of the Sharp family is involved in the arts.

Keesha was raised by a caring family who encouraged her acting abilities. She was born in Rochester, New York. She has yet to share much detail about her upbringing, but she has spoken extensively about her mother’s encouragement.

Sadly, her mother was afflicted with pancreatic cancer in 2016 and passed away in August 2020. The actress has been striving to raise awareness of the illness ever since.

Details On Keesha Married Life And Children

Solomon Sharp, the son of Keesha Sharp, is a passionate animator and pilot. Solomon was born to Keesha and Brad in 2005.

According to his Instagram bio, Solomon aspires to join the Air Force and work as an animator. Since he frequently publishes images of his artwork and footage of him flying, most of the content on his page is about his two dreams.

The child has developed a hobby of following trains across the US and appears interested in ancient steam engine trains.

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On these websites, he uploads images and videos of himself and provides captions with historical details.

His mascot figure, a dinosaur with a blonde mohawk, is featured in animated videos on his other YouTube channel, KiwiAnimations [SolomonSharp].

As of the time this article was written, he had 81 subscribers after launching his channel on July 27, 2019.

Last but not least, Keesa revealed on Instagram that he began attending college earlier this year, in June 2022. On the other hand, it is still being determined which college he has been attending.

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