Bradford Sharp, Keesha’s spouse, is an actor and a composer. Solomon Sharp is the name of Keesa and Brad’s kid together.

Keesha, like her boyfriend, has been acting as an actor since 2000. She is 49 years old and was born on June 9, 1973.

Keesha has racked up 43 credits throughout her 23-year career, appearing in everything from television to film to animated shorts. She has written and directed more than ten films in addition to her performing career.

She directed and performed in the 2014 short “Half Off,” for which she also wrote the script, and in “The 636,” she played a supporting role.

But as a filmmaker, she has more than nine credits to her name. The vast majority are clips or episodes from shows like “Lethal Weapon,” in which she also has a starring role.

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Keesha’s Spouse, Bradford Sharp

Bradford Sharp, Keesha’s spouse, is a musician and actor in the Los Angeles area. On August 1 August 1, 1997, Keesha and Branford tied the knot.

Independently releasing songs has been Brad’s primary source of fame. Styles such as rock, soul, funk, and roots may all be heard in his songs.

Brad has released two full-length albums, one extended play, and eight singles, all of which can be found on his Spotify page.

One of them is a family effort with his wife Keesha, and their son Solomon included on a Christmas CD. Nonetheless, he has a massive back catalog that he offers for sale on his website.

He also sells items on the website, some of which feature his partner Keesha as a model. In addition, he has a channel on YouTube where he shares a lot of his music and live shows.

In addition to writing his songs, Brad spent 2015 and 2016 as a member of the backup band for legendary vocalist Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons. During his brief time with the band, he supported the vocalist on tour.

Brad has also dabbled in film, racking up five acting credits. In 1986, he made his acting debut in the short-lived comedy “Impure Thoughts.”

His acting career resumed in 2005, and though he had a few minor roles till 2017, he has yet to do much of anything after 2017. He has also scored for a TV movie and co-produced one of Keesha’s shorts, “The 636.”

When Did Keesha And Brad Meet?

Brad and Keesha have known each other since they were teenagers. They first encountered in 1994 at Kings Dominion in Richmond, Virginia.

On August 1 August 1, 1997, Keesha Sharp wed Bradford. After dating for three years, they finally got married.

The pair always takes advantage of every opportunity to share their joy over the other’s birthday or anniversary on social media.

Keesha used Facebook to send her boyfriend last year’s anniversary wishes. Then put pen to paper. “I adore him because he is my best buddy.

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Because of this, we will always be there for each other, even when we’re mad at one another, when hard times arise, as they inevitably will. Our marriage is built on a foundation of love.”

On February 6 February 6, 2018, they went to the DGA Awards, which BMW presented. They wore identical all-black ensembles.

Keesha Sharp’s Family And Her Son

Keesha Sharp’s family comprises her boyfriend and their kid. Everyone in the Sharp household is involved in some artistic endeavor.

Keesha’s family in Rochester, New York, encouraged her acting skills from an early age. Little is known about her early childhood, although she has spoken at length about the love and encouragement she received from her mother.

Her mother died in August 2020 from pancreatic cancer, which she was diagnosed with in 2016. The actress has been active in raising awareness for the illness ever since.

Solomon Sharp, the son of Keesha Sharp, is an aspiring animator and pilot. Solomon was born to Keesha and Brad in 2005.

Solomon’s Instagram account states that he aspires to work in animation and fly for the Air Force. Pictures of his artwork and videos of him flying take up much of his page, both connecting to his two life goals.

The young man also appears to have a passion for vintage steam engines and has made it his pastime to track trains around the United States.

Whenever he uploads a photo or video of himself on Instagram from one of these locations, he always includes a snippet of relevant history as a caption.

The dinosaur with a blonde mohawk is the mascot of his YouTube channel, KiwiAnimations [SolomonSharp], where he releases animated shorts. He uploaded his first video on July 27, 2019, and as of this writing, he has 81 subscribers.

Last but not least, Keesa announced on Instagram that he enrolled in college in June previous year. We are still determining whose university he’s been attending, though.

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