Keegan Bradley’s wife Jillian is a charitable individual active in dog rescue groups. Keegan married her in Florida on December 6.

American golfer Bradley is the first player to win a major using a long putter. He has won five PGA Tour events, including the 2011 PGA Championship.

The 36-year-old Vermonter came in second in the Farmers Insurance Open on the PGA Tour. A total prize pool of $8.7 million was available for the golf competition, which was held on the Torrey Pines South Course from January 25 to 28, 2023.

Keegan Bradley
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Keegan Bradley Partner And Married Life

Keegan Bradley married Jillian Stacey in December 2016. Jilian was Keegan’s first wife.

The couple exchanged vows at the Henry Morrison Flagler Museum in Palm Beach.

Jillian radiated vivacity and attractiveness in her bridal gowns, which her mother wore in 1974. As Keegan’s brother Jamie conducted their big day in the historic house museum of Florida, she walked down the aisle beside the golf professional.

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The two lovers exchanged vows in front of a large crowd of guests and while historical relics and architectural features were on show. The visitors clutched the polished stones as a blessing and a wish for the newlyweds’ long life.

In a traditional Vermont ceremony, Keegan and Jillian exchanged vows. The large wedding cake and the mouthwatering delicacies caught the attention of many attendees.

They traveled to Italy for their honeymoon, where they spent a few weeks getting to know one another and seeing the country’s many historical landmarks.

When Did Keegan Bradley Start Dating Jillian?

Keegan and Jillian began dating in 2012. They both are from the Vermont town of Woodstock.

They had known each other since they were small children and had grown up in the same neighbourhood. Their previous homes were just a quick drive apart. Additionally, Madison, Keegan’s sister, and Jillian were close.

Later, her family relocated to Atlanta, resulting in a period of separation before their eventual reconciliation.

Jillian, who is from Vermont, studied at Eastern Connecticut State University. She enjoys helping for charities because she is a social activist.

She also has a sister named Meggan Stacey Hester who works as an elementary school teacher. She was the maid of honor at Keegan and Jillian’s wedding.

In terms of her education, Jillian received a diploma from Hartford High School in 2006. She then enrolled in the Windham, Connecticut, campus of Eastern Connecticut State University.

Since graduating, Jillian has been actively involved in a variety of humanitarian projects, including dog adoption initiatives. She also represents a number of Vermont-based nonprofit organizations that assist and support cancer patients and their families by acting as their spokeswoman.

Jillian has shared pictures of the dogs and puppies she assisted in saving on Twitter with the aid of several other canine rescue teams, as well as other instances of her charitable work. For the care and rehabilitation of dogs, she usually works with foster networks, animal shelters, and rescue groups.

Keegan Bradley’s Children

Logan James Bradley, Keegan and Jillian’s adorable infant, is born. On November 13, 2017, the boy was admitted.

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She posted several pictures of herself with the baby in November 2017. Jillian was resting on the hospital bed, looking relieved, happy, and joyful after a successful delivery.

She typed the note, including the child’s name and some of his birth stats. Logan James was born 8 pounds, 8 ounces, and 22 inches tall and was in wonderful health.

When handling the baby for the first time, Keegan, the 2011 PGA Champion, shook. He was aware that day was the start of his newly acquired parental duties.

Mark and Kaye Bradley Are The Parents Of Keegan Bradley

Keegan Bradley was born to Mark and Kaye Bradley in June 1986. He is the oldest child in the family.

His mother, Kaye, is from the Massachusetts town of Amesbury. While Mark was a native of the Jackson Hole valley in Wyoming.

The couple moved to Woodstock, Vermont after getting married, where they had two kids. Mark is the director of instruction at the Jackson Hole Golf facility in the state of Wyoming.

His younger sister Madison Bradley, who is married and has a child named Alden Bradley, was the golf professional’s childhood friend.

Keegan and Madison first lived in Woodstock due to their father’s employment before moving to Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The 36-year-old eventually moved to Hopkinton, Massachusetts, to advance his golf career.

Information On Bradley’s Family

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The Bradley family has a well-deservedly stellar golfing reputation. They received the “Golf Family of the Year” award from NGF in 1989.

Keegan’s father, Mark, has directed the club for more than 20 years. He had a ski shop back then, but he soon became more interested in athletics.

Additionally, when they were kids, Mark and Pat played together. Bradley first walked on grass when he was three years old. Later, he devoted the remainder of his life to sports, rising to the position of head professional at the golf club.

Before retiring, Pat Bradley, Keegan’s aunt, played professionally as well. Of the six siblings that reside with them, the 71-year-old is the sole daughter.

Keegan’s grandparents, Richard and Kay Bradley, raised them in Westford, Massachusetts.

Pat had a fruitful career on the LPGA Tour, where she won 31 games, including six major titles. She was one of the top female golfers when she was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1991.

Thanks to her exploits and influence on the game, she has also emerged as a role model and an inspiration for many female golfers. Despite gender-related limitations, they still encourage women to pursue their passions.

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