Kaylee Hartung, a 36-year-old American broadcaster, is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

She is well known for her work with ESPN, CNN, ABC, and CBS News. Most recently, in July 2022, it was revealed that she would work for Amazon Prime Video as a Thursday Night Football sideline reporter.

She is renowned for being exceptionally attractive and having eyes with remarkable expressiveness in addition to her credentials. Thanks to her excellent work ethic and gorgeous appearance, she has more than 92.1K Instagram followers.

She frequently makes appearances in her official job interviewing NFL players on the sidelines, but she will be remembered as a wonderful reporter who is enjoyable to see and hear. Hartung is gaining more and more fans as her fame increases.

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Details On Kaylee Hartung Eye Injury

Despite never having suffered any eye damage, Kaylee Hartung has revealed that she occasionally experiences headaches in her eyes.

The COVID-19 virus, which the reporter caught during the pandemic in 2020, is said to have caused her headaches. Many people endured horrific things during the outbreak, and it appears that Hartung was no exception.

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Hartung is only one of the countless victims of this dreadful disease, which commonly results in headaches. The journalist asserts that she didn’t get sick until she was in Seattle reporting the story.

Hartung initially believed she had usual allergies due to her ongoing exhaustion and pain, particularly in her lower back. She made the decision to get tested because of all the agony and after finding out she had the virus.

Many of her followers were glad that she had treatment immediately, recovered fully, and resumed work since they would have been grieved if anything had happened to her renowned eyes.

She has transitioned from being an ABC journalist to an NFL sideline reporter for Amazon Prime Video as of 2022 when she is physically fit as a fiddle.

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Meet Kaylee Hartung Husband

Knowing that Kaylee Hartung is neither married nor dating anyone has brought joy to many of her admirers. Particularly when it comes to her romantic life, the sportscaster is considered to be rather modest.

She has never disclosed any information about her relationships, either present or past, in the media. She reportedly met NFL player Tim Tebow while she worked for ESPN from 2012 to 2017.

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Since Tebow began working for ESPN in 2013, they have frequently been spotted together at sporting events and in the studio. Hartung supported Tebow at his 2017 Foundation Celebrity Gala & Golf Classic fundraising as their friendship grew.

The fact that she attended the event raised doubts about her relationship with Tim Tebow, even if nothing has been confirmed. The two appeared to be nothing more than coworkers as the years passed.

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Earnings And Net Worth Of Kaylee Hartung

By 2022, sportscaster Kaylee Hartung’s net worth is projected to be $3.2 million. The sportscaster’s fortune is the result of her long career and profits from several sources, but she has also made wise financial choices.

It’s likely that she used the funds to cover her educational expenses, but there are also rumors that she received a financial inheritance from her late father. Remember that she is a good reporter with prior experience working as both a sideline reporter and a traditional news reporter.

She formerly worked for Amazon, and now she will join CBS News, ESPN, CNN, and ABC as a sideline reporter for “Thursday Night Football.” She was raised in Louisiana and studied journalism and politics at Washington & Lee University in Virginia.

She assisted Bob Schieffer at CBS early in her career, and as a result of that work, she was hired there in 2010 as a sideline reporter for college athletics. Later, Hartung moved to ESPN, where she was an important part of the rotation for the SEC Network.

She worked as a journalist and sideline reporter for that network, covering a range of collegiate sporting events like the College Football Playoff and the College World Series.

She appeared on SportsCenter as well. In 2017, Hartung departed ESPN after five years of employment. She spent five years covering news for CNN and ABC. On “Good Morning America,” “World News Tonight with David Muir,” “Nightline,” “ABC News,” and “World News Tonight,” her work has been highlighted.

In order to grow as a writer, she first left her sideline reporting position at ESPN in 2017. Later, she performed regular reporting duties for CNN and ABC.

After a five-year sabbatical from athletics, Hartung was ready to make yet another change. Hartung, 36, is anxious to go back on the field and is ready to make her NFL reporting debut right away.

Hartung wants to introduce the audience to something new, even though she is aware that the bulk of devoted fans will be more familiar with each player than she is.

Hartung is overjoyed to be back in the thick of things, and she is especially overjoyed to be a part of the new Amazon series.

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