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Katherine Sneed, a fashion blogger, and Alex Lagina, an Oak Island resident, were a couple. Katherine Sneed handles the corporate affairs of Hagerty.

Alex’s life story has attracted much attention since he appeared on the show. He is one of the kids of the Lagina brothers and is now an adult who can make his own choices.

Alex and the rest of his father’s team are regularly in the program. Yet, viewers may need help recognizing him as quickly as they might Charles Barkhouse or Gary Drayton, two other series regulars.

We have watched him mature before our eyes throughout 14 seasons. Therefore, everyone is curious about his romantic endeavors and dates. His former serious girlfriend Katherine is currently a known quantity.

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Who Is Katherine Sneed?

Oak Island’s fashion blogger is Katherine Sneed. Katherine and Alex Lagina were dating. Separation is final between Katherine and Alex.

A senior corporate communications specialist at Hagerty, Sneed, is now employed. Working as an intern at Jenkins Group, Inc. was where her professional journey began in 2013.

After nearly two years, she was promoted to intern in the magazine’s editing department. She started with Hagerty as a summer intern in 2015 and worked her way up.

There, she did Corporate Communications, which was her job’s specialty. For the past five years, she has remained there, only getting better at what she does.

In 2017, Katherine was promoted to Corporate Communications, and three years later, she was offered her current role.

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She has also said that Transverse, Michigan is her place of abode. Nonetheless, she is also a talented artist outside of her business employment.

She’s a real specialist in fashion, and her do-it-yourself projects regularly appear in major publications. Her sense of style, she explains in an interview, constantly evolves.

She used to be the ideal combination of timeless beauty and modern femininity. Yet, she has recently developed a passion for putting unusual elements into her wardrobe.

Therefore, Sneed characterizes her style as traditional with a few edges if she were to describe it. Katherine is always looking for an escape via air travel.

She has a passion for European design but a deep appreciation for European history and the arts. The blogger may spend the rest of her life wandering the museums and streets of Positano or Paris. The truth is, though, that everyone wants to do precisely that.

How Is Katherine Sneed And Alex’s Relationship?

Katherine Sneed and Alex have never been very open about their breakup. Katherine and Alex’s relationship ended because each individual had to deal with their problems.

Alex Lagina is most well-known for his role in The Curse of Oak Island, although he has also guest-starred in a few other shows.

From 2017 until 2021, he contributed to the production of the Netflix spin-off series The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down, about the search for the Oak Island treasure. Furthermore, he appeared in 2019’s The Curse of Civil War Gold.

It’s no secret that the hope of finding priceless artifacts is a significant motivator for Alex to keep digging at Oak Island. But it isn’t all he’s driven by.

Alex values time with his family—especially his dad and uncle—above everything else, and being in the program has given him that chance.

Everyone in Oak Land is wondering about Katherine’s recent arrival. The two are no longer together. Hence Sneed will not appear on the show.

Alex Lagina And Miriam Amirault

In “The Curse of Oak Island,” both Alex Lagina and Miriam Amirault are interesting. The identity of Alex Lagina’s girlfriend has long been a source of speculation among his fans.

Miriam, an archaeologist, earned her bachelor’s degree in archaeology at UNB in the spring of 2020. She received her bachelor’s degree in Anthropology with high honors and is now majoring in Classical Studies.

A career in archaeology is likely, given her enthusiasm for the field. On the other hand, Miriam has chosen to work in this area. Her dad went to school at UNB. That’s why she was so keen on visiting the place.

In her final year of high school, Miriam decided to enroll at this particular college. She probably chose it since it’s close to her hometown of Digby, Nova Scotia, which is only a couple of hours away by car.

During her second semester of university, Dr. Aaron Taylor encouraged Miriam to attend a dig in Cuba, marking the beginning of Miriam’s fieldwork in archaeology.

She saw it as a fantastic opportunity to investigate archaeology further and see if it was something she could like pursuing. Thankfully, it was something she found enjoyable, and that was only the beginning.

Dr. Taylor convinced her to come on board when she completed her education. Due to their association, she was offered a part in a History Channel program.

Miriam is curious in many different areas and loves to further her knowledge. At UNB, she was first drawn to archaeology before switching to forensics.

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