Along with Anthony Edwards, Anthony Towns recently discussed his eating habits and nutrition with a friend.

Anthony Edwards, a 21-year-old shooting guard for the NBA team Minnesota Timberwolves, plays basketball professionally. After playing collegiate basketball for the Georgia Bulldogs, the 21-year-old recently joined his current team in 2022.

Basketball player Karl-Anthony Towns, American-born and of Dominican origin, also attracted notice for his brief but blistering criticism of Edwards. However, others view this as a chance for him to develop as a player.

Karl is one of the team’s best and most popular players; therefore, his comments were taken notice of. In addition, he participated in college basketball for the Kentucky Wildcats.

Towns’ potential was demonstrated by his selection for the Dominican Republic national team at the age of 16.

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To learn more about Karl-Anthony Towns and Anthony Edwards diet debate, continue reading the article below.

Karl-Anthony Towns Discusses Anthony Edwards’ Diet And Weight Gain

Karl-Anthony Towns criticized Anthony Edwards’ nutrition after the Minnesota Timberwolves’ Monday night defeat to the San Antonio Spurs.

Anthony, in his opinion, could assist the young guard “better” if he gave nutrition more attention.

According to, Towns brought up Edwards’ propensity to make jokes about his diet, which frequently involves visits to Popeyes.

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In addition, he occasionally said that if his diet was good, he could better manage back-to-back games when questioned about his underwhelming performance against the Spurs.

Football player Karl-Anthony, 26, claims he can show him better ways to care for his meals, health, and everything else. Towns asserted: “My mistake, really. I’m convinced that everyone in the room finds it amusing when he talks about Popeye’s and other such rubbish. Hearing that doesn’t make me pleased. We engage in intense competition.”

Towns claims that he is likewise affected by it. Everyone wants to accept blame even though we are all at fault.

Theodore Edwards favorite Popeyes

Edwards’ preference for Popeyes is well-known and well-documented. A Minnesota beat reporter named Dane Moore questioned Ant, sometimes known as Anthony, about his capacity to cut Popeyes out of his diet.

Edwards acknowledged, “That’s challenging. That is the most difficult thing to achieve.” However, Moore notes that when Edwards started this season, he had lost nine pounds, and his body fat had decreased to roughly 7%.

Because he competes at a high level in the professional game, he takes a lot of heat for his love of junk food.

How much weight did Anthony Edwards gain?

Anthony Edwards was classified as weighing 225 pounds last season, which means he is currently around 235 pounds. According to accounts, he shed nine pounds this season, lowering his body fat to just under seven percent, in contrast to some estimates that he gained more than 10 pounds.

He has mentioned that he wants to reduce his body fat and add five pounds of muscle mass, which is a terrific start for his future development.

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Edwards, who has previously stated a desire to gain more muscle, appears to have had success this summer. With more strength, Edwards should be able to attack the basket and make wing shots more effectively.

When competing against more well-known athletes, he consistently maintains his defensive focus.

Ant was also categorized as a shooting guard in his first two seasons of professional basketball, but the extra muscle now provides him more versatility in the Timberwolves’ starting lineup. He could play some small forward and small-ball power forward in the right lineup.

Friendly Remark Regarding Karl-Anthony Towns’ Criticism from Analysts

Despite his best efforts, according to a number of NBA experts, Karl-Anthony Towns’ comments to his critics were uncalled for and shouldn’t have been made public.

ESPN NBA analyst Kendrick Perkins deemed the remarks to be “inappropriate.” He suggested that “KAT” couldn’t do such things if he wanted to grow in his leadership ability.

The analyst feels that since Edwards is still a young person and learning, the dialogue should have happened privately.

Towns’ remarks may have made some people uncomfortable, but the All-Star center was previously transparent about his dietary struggles, so they were probably motivated by the experience.

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