The tennis player’s parents, Abgar and Natalia Khachanov, sacrificed their time and resources to support Karen Khachanov in achieving her goals.

At the age of 12, Karen started competing in tennis professionally. Margariya and Georgiy were his two younger siblings.

Despite a rough start to his career, Karen significantly improved in 2019 and climbed to position 8.

Khachanov was denied entry to Wimbledon this year because he is a Russian player, but he has shown his sympathy for Ukraine in the ongoing war between the two countries.

The 26-year-old was disqualified from Wimbledon, but he is already in the semifinals of the US Open and has been tearing up the tennis court there.

Karen Khachanov
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To learn more about Karen Khachanov’s parents, children, and religion, continue reading the article below.

Karen Khachanov Father Abgar Khachanov

Abgar Khachanov, Karen’s father, is a medical doctor from Armenia. Former volleyball player Abgar struggled to raise his three kids.

Karen, now a father of one, commended his father for having no trouble caring for three kids.

Abgar Khachanov never forced his child to choose the same vocation as him. 

Instead, he gave Karen the freedom to choose the career path he wanted, and he never sought to dissuade Karen from his obsession with being a tennis star.

Tennis players usually break their racquets when angry, but Karen is careful not to do this because he remembers how his father couldn’t afford to buy him one when he was a kid.

At age 12, he intended to pursue a career in tennis, but Karen noted that he had already told his parents that if tennis didn’t work out, he would switch to basketball.

Karen stated in an interview that her son’s father’s enjoyment of tennis was one of the reasons he was allowed to play the sport.

Karen Khachanov Religion Info

Khachanov has never publicly acknowledged his beliefs; however, he is believed to be an orthodox Christian.

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Khachanov has asserted that he is actually of Armenian heritage while being a Russian representative. Unlike his father, who is of Armenian origin, his mother is Russian.

Armenia is regarded as one of the places where Orthodox Christianity first emerged, along with Rome and Palestine.

The tennis pro was seen on January 7, 2022, wishing a happy holiday to every orthodox Christian on Instagram.

Orthodox Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus using the Julian calendar rather than the Gregorian calendar, as is customary elsewhere.

Details On Karen Khachanov Parents: Natalia Khachanov And Abgar Khachanov

Karen Khachanov was raised in Russia by his parents, Natalia and Abgar Khachanov before the tennis player moved to Croatia.

After Karen started playing tennis professionally, he had to leave for Croatia to continue his training with Vedran Martic. Therefore Karen had to say goodbye to his parents.

The 26-year-old would later train with Galo Blanco in Barcelona. Despite Karen’s tennis career getting off to a slow start, he didn’t disappoint his parents since he understood that this was only the start of something fantastic.

With his childhood buddy and world No. 11 Andrey Rublev, Karen competed in the Summer Youth Olympics, where they won the silver medal.

Karen is looking to add his first US Open triumph after steadily moving up in the top 10 of the international rankings.

Karen Khachanov Children

Karen Khachanov is the only parent of David Khachanov, born on September 14, 2019. Veronika Shkliaeva, Karen’s childhood sweetheart, and he were married in April 2016.

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The two had been dating since 2011 when Karen was fifteen years old. He and Veronika, whom they had known since they were eight, were both tennis players. A couple of years later, Karen was preparing to marry Veronika.

Karen asserted that Veronika served as his source of motivation and certainty during his tennis career. The young couple were hitched at age 20, and Karen gave birth when he was only 23.

Find Out Karen Khachanov Net Worth

Since she has been a professional tennis player for the past 14 years, Karen Khachanov has accumulated a net worth of almost $5 million as of 2022, thanks to sponsorship deals.

Karen has earned an astounding $8.9 million in prize money throughout his career thanks to endorsement partnerships with Rolex, Nike, Head, and Mercedes.

He lives a wealthy existence in a world that is very different from his upbringing, supported by his wife Veronika and son David. The families are spent at some of the most exotic places on earth.

By donating to the Monaco Red Cross during the 2019 Monte Carlo Masters, tennis player Khachanov displayed his charity.

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