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After almost seven years in the murder case, Kalyani Singh and Sippy Sidhu’s love affair took a new turn. Despite this, the department could not find a lead in the case until recently.

On September 20, 2015, Sippy Sidhu, a national-level lawyer, died in Chandigarh. He died in a park in Sector 27 after being shot; in the meantime, cops arrested Kalyani Singh in 2022 for murder.

The CBI began investigating the case in January 2016 to discover the murderer. In addition, the government has repeatedly offered a reward for public assistance in solving the issue.

The investigative team thought the killer was a woman at the time, so they allowed her to come forward and contact them if she wasn’t guilty.

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Kalyani Singh’s Affair Timeline With Her Boyfriend

When Kalyani Singh’s partner, Sippy Sidhu, died in 2015, their relationship ended badly. He was a national-level lawyer who had recently returned from Canada.

They appeared to have been in a long-term relationship until their bonding soured. However, Singh was serious about his love life, even marrying it.

On the other hand, Sidhu’s parents appear to be opposed to the idea of tying a knot. His sharing of the unpleasant images of Kalyani to her friends and parents, which mortified her, further hampered their relationship.

According to CBI, she called him two days after returning from Canada and sought to meet in the precise location where he was slain.

Sippy died due to their tumultuous relationship, and Singh was arrested in connection with his death.

Is Kalyani Singh Arrested?

The CBI arrested Justice Sabina Singh’s daughter Kalyani Singh for Sippy Sidhu’s murder almost seven years later. He was slain after being shot four times with a “short gun pistol.”

On Wednesday, the FBI detained Sabina’s daughter for four days concerning the death of a national shooter.

Although Kalyani has been apprehended, she has always been the primary suspect in the case. The CIA had long suspected her but lacked sufficient evidence.

However, the department continued investigating her because of the high suspicion. “There is cause to think that a woman was accompanying Sippy’s killer at the time of the murder,” CBI had stated.

“There is proof verifying her attendance with Sippy Sidhu in the evening,” they said.

With the lead, the tragedy that occurred almost seven years ago is finally gaining a new light. Meanwhile, the victim’s family is hopeful that their son will receive justice soon.

What Is Kalyani Singh’s Age?

Kalyani Singh appears to be in her 30s at the moment. For the time being, information on her date of birth and age has been kept private.

She was, however, in her late twenties when she began dating Sippy. Kalyani appeared to have completed her education and was starting her job at the time of the occurrence.

She is now an assistant professor at a PG College in Chandigarh. Kalyani Singh grew raised in a wealthy family with her parents. She is most known as one of Justice Sabina’s two daughters.

Sabina, her mother, was a Haryana High Court judge who was promoted to the Himal Pradesh High Court as an acting judge in chief justice.

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