While speaking to the media before the Super Bowl, Kadarius Toney flashed his pearly whites. As of June 2021, Toney sported a diamond grill estimated at USD 500,000.

Several of today’s most well-known celebrities, including rappers and athletes, have made dental jewelry into a fashion statement. Toney went to college in Florida and was selected first by the New York Giants in the 2021 NFL Draft.

On October 27, 2022, Toney was traded to the Kansas City Chiefs for a third and sixth-round pick in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Toney’s 65-yard punt return in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl LVII broke Jordan Norwood’s 61-yard record set in Super Bowl 50.

Image Source: Kansas City Chiefs

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How Much Is Toney’s Teeth Worth?

Diamonds adorn the dental grillz of Kadarius Toney. This grill comes in various sizes and quality levels and may be crafted from multiple precious metals, including platinum, gold, silver, and diamonds.

Looking closely, you can see that each of Toneey’s 32 denticles is encrusted with a thin coating of frozen diamonds. The total carat weight of the diamond justified his riches.

Even so, Toney completed the process in 2021 after being picked by the New York Giants in the 2021 NFL Draft and receiving a four-year contract for $13.7 million.

Image Source: On3.com

Toney, who is worth millions, has a habit of flaunting his wealth by donning expensive jewelry, as seen by a photograph taken of him on June 5, 2021, in which he can be seen sporting his trademark grills and accessorizing with a heavy “Joka” chain and a diamond-studded watch.

Kadarius used to have a little space in his upper jaw.

Toney’s Jawline: Did He Fixed His Jawline?

Toney flashed his college-era grin, revealing his strong jawline. A man with a firm, the angular jawline is seen as handsome since it indicates his masculinity and morality.

Toney has maintained his powerful jawline, and his muscular, imposing figure conveys strength and authority.

He can now grin confidently because of the defined jawline that allows his cheekbones to protrude and his facial muscles to tone up, giving him a perfectly proportioned look.

Kadarius Toney’s Eyebrows: Why Does He Not Have It?

Looking closely, you’ll notice that Kadarius Toney has no eyebrows. The Chiefs wideout first started shaving them in the middle of his junior year at college in 2017.

On August 25, 2017, he shared a throwback photo on Facebook from his undergraduate days with the Gators that shows him with shaved brows and a contract in hand.

Toney has been posting similar photos on his social media ever since. Kadarius’s eyebrows were perfectly arched in 2016.

Close inspection of his before pictures reveals that Toney’s right brow is noticeably more significant than his left.

British cyclist Joanna Rowsell, former international soccer referee Pierluigi Collina, and Premier League midfielder Jonjo Shelvey are just a few athletes that don’t have brows. Charlie Villanueva of the NBA and Craig Gillies, a former rugby player, is also included.

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