Justin Kurzel, Essie Davis’ husband, is a producer and director in Hollywood. With Blue Tongue, Justin Kurzel launched his career in 2005.

The Australian actress, who starred as Phryne Fisher in Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, became well-known and is now regarded as one of the best stage actors ever.

But she recently declared a wish to win an Oscar, so her time on the big screen is far from over. She also had a resume to support her claim, with The Babadook among the top horror movies of the previous ten years.

Not to mention, only two of the numerous acting credits include major motion pictures like Lambs of God and Game of Thrones.

She is never truly free with new projects being developed in England, Australia, and New Zealand. The Murmuring, which she did with a prior partner, Jennifer Kent, was her most exciting work.

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Essie Davis’s Husband, Justin Kurzel

Since 2002, Essie Davis and Justin Kurzel have been married couple. His soulmate, Justin Kurzel, has twin girls.

The film director and screenwriter is a descendant of immigrants; his mother sailed from Malta, and his father from Poland.

Even his younger brother Jed Kurzel, a blues rock musician, possessed a talent for the arts. He had become well known for creating the musical scores for the works of his older siblings.

In 1996, while seeing a performance, he met the love of his life, and everything changed. As soon as they started dating, he realized he had found the love of his life.

They couldn’t get married until 2002 because of their hectic schedules. Given that they had twin daughters, Ruby and Stella, it was just a matter of time until they welcomed a newborn.

Justin Kurzel’s Work

Kurzel did not direct Blue Tongue until 2004, despite having been in the industry since 2001. Years later, though, he worked on Snowtown, which is what earned him the AACTA Award for Best Direction.

This was his first feature picture. Even though the cruelty and bloodshed were not everyone’s cup of tea, his leadership was praised by the detractors as an example of fortitude and endurance.

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William Shakespeare’s Macbeth was adapted into a movie in 2015, earning him a slot at the Cannes Film Festival.

Additionally, he has dabbled in the video gaming industry by helming the infamous Assassin’s Creed series.

Justin And Essie Has Worked Together

Kurzel needed to look no further than his home for the ideal actress because his wife was the top performer.

Caleb Landry Jones and Judy Davis acted in the 2022 Nitram, a film about the life and actions of a mentally ill young man. Essie portrayed Helen, his neighbour who died in a collision he brought on himself.

Despite playing a supporting character, the actress’s compelling emotions led the viewers to believe that she could force the lead actor to fall into depression.

They collaborated on the previous year’s True History of the Kelly Gang project, which was also based on Peter Carey’s 2000 novel of the same name.

Essie And Justin Are Parents Of Two Daughters

Essie and Justin are happy parents of two daughters that are identical to each other. The couple guards their children fiercely.

It’s easy to assume that the famous couple leads a very public existence, with every emotion primed for the camera.

Since they naturally don’t want the same for their children, their thoughts are exposed and sacrificed for art’s sake.

She has therefore made the conscious decision to conceal their names and wait to post a picture of them when they are of consenting age.

Davis, who has frequently played a mother on screen, does not hesitate to draw inspiration from the twins. Her convincing performance as Bunny King in The Justice of Bunny King is indelible.

The narrative of a mother of two with a sharp tongue and a troubled past was shown in the Gaysorn Thavat-directed film. While the world is against her, she fights the system to become Tonya’s guardian.

As a mother of two, the endeavour was significant to her. She could identify with the character’s attitude because, based only on her acting, critics gave the movie a 95 per cent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

She also recognizes the difficulty of not having enough to eat. With seven mouths to feed, her father was in severe need of additional sources of cash, so her brother accepted a job to assist him.

He assisted her in putting together an outlet when life became too hectic by teaching her the fundamentals of arts and crafts in the thick of the chaos.

Then, time passed quickly as she completed her studies at the National Institute of Dramatic Art before enrolling at the University of Tasmania.

Despite having a passion for theatre since high school and being well-versed in Shakespeare, Sheridan, and Stoppard, her performance only took off once she started college.

During her stay at the Bell Shakespeare, she also appeared in other Shakespearean retellings of Hamlet, Richard III, and Macbeth, playing the lead in the 1993 film Romeo and Juliet.

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