What’s Happening On July 5th 2022 Tiktok? CERN New Portal Features Revealed

What's Happening On July 5th 2022 Tiktok? CERN New Portal Features Revealed
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After hearing that CERN would be turning the collider on July 5th, rumours and bogus videos have been circulated on TikTok and in the media. Find out more about the event in this article.

After CERN revealed what they would be doing on July 5th, many people were worried as reports of the end of the world were circulating all over the Internet.

The Large Hadron Collider, the most powerful particle collider in existence, is being operated at higher energy levels than ever by CERN. This could pave the way for identifying the Higgs boson and the parallel universe.

Some people are spreading the allegations that CERN is opening portals to other universes that would wipe out humanity by appropriating scenes from sci-fi movies and other sources. However, the truth is considerably more advantageous than how it has been perceived.

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TikTok: What’s Happening On July 5th?

Regarding the CERN occurrence on July 5th, there have been a lot of conspiracy ideas spreading all over TikTok.

False rumours about CERN revealing its hidden gates to other dimensions and black holes are spreading on Tiktokers. Their erroneous hypothesis predicts that the timeline will change and that we may come across extraterrestrial life.

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People have been urged to be prepared for what will occur after CERN turns on the LHC. According to rumours, the LHC will fuel a black hole that may be the final stage of life.

Some have reported seeing Mandela effects, sky vortexes, and dimension changes. Some even mentioned the end of the world about the 2012 hoax.

However, these are bizarre conspiracy theories spread by TikTokers to frighten people and go viral on the platform.

Details About CERN New Portal Features

On July 5th, CERN, Switzerland’s largest particle research facility, will open new doors for inquiry and exploration.

After being shut down for two years, CERN’s largest particle collider is now finally being used to search for Higgs bosons at previously unheard-of energies.

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The Higgs bosons may hold the key to the multiverse and explain several scientific puzzles. Researchers also hope to create a tiny black hole by fusing high-energy protons at the LHC.

Numerous theories regarding the nature of gravity are also being tested. With this experiment, CERN is filling the gaps in understanding dark matter and antimatters.

The experiment will start on July 5th, 2022, and CERN will be live-streaming it on its social media accounts.

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