Juliana Nalu is 174 cm tall and has a 77 cm bust, a 57 cm waist, and 98 cm hips.

She is a beautiful model with a commanding demeanour. She gained notoriety online after being photographed with the exceedingly contentious artist Kanye West.

Afro-Brazilian model Juliana was born and reared in Rio de Janeiro. She started working at a young age. Her mother also became her biggest ally.

Recently, Kanye West, an American rapper, was spotted with Nalu. They went on multiple dates all throughout Los Angeles. On their most recent date, Kanye West even gave her red roses.

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Juliana Nalu Height

Model Juliana Nalu is 5 feet, 9 inches tall. Her hips are 35″, waist 22.5″, and breast is 31.5″.

39 is the model’s shoe size. Her eyes and hair were both brown. Since she was a teenager, the model has built a reputation in the industry.

She takes care of her body to do the work she wants. In Brazil, she began modelling when she was a teenager.

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She was always passionate about modelling and told her mother when she was six that she wanted to be a model.

Paris, France, served as the venue for Juliana Nalu’s festivities on September 30, 2022.

Nalu took a plane to Los Angeles, where she joined a modelling agency. She developed her reputation as a successful model using.

Juliana Nalu Is 24 Years Old 

Juliana Nalu, a model, was born in 1999, making her 24 years old.

She and her brother Douglas used to reside in the favela Complexo do Chapadao, north of Rio de Janeiro, with their mother.

When she was a little child, her parents divorced. She has contact with her father and the other three half-siblings even though she resides with her mother.


Nalu spent her formative years in Rio De Janeiro. Every day she used to spend time at the beach. Juliana Nalu made her debut during Milan Fashion Week.

They also visited the top modelling and beauty agencies in her nation. When she was only 18, she decided to participate in the L’Oreal Paris Brazil campaign. Then the model got her a job.

Juliana Nalu Is Rumored To Be Dating Kanye West

Rapper Kanye and actress Juliana Nalu have been spotted out on dates in and around Los Angeles.

On August 19, 2022, they spent a Wednesday night out with the model in Beverly Hills. The rapper took his alleged new love interest to supper at the upscale Italian eatery E Baldi.

Nalu appeared holding two exquisite red roses that Kanye had given her. In the Los Angeles region, they have been seen out on multiple dates.

On Wednesday, Juliana Nalu and Kanye West went on a date to Beverly Hills.

After the mob surrounding the pair, Kanye kept his hold on Nalu’s hand as he walked out to the restaurant valet. In addition, the couple has recently been spotted attending numerous events together.

Juliana Nalu Is Of Afro-Brazilian Ethnicity

Afro-Brazilian is Juliana Nalu’s ethnicity. She was raised in a favela with her family.

Buildings in the area were stacked one upon the other. Additionally, Brazil has a diversified population.

Nalu cherished the freedom to be who she truly was in Brazil, where there was no pressure to conform. She was always influenced by her family.

She could be whatever she wanted to be as well. The model achieved success in Brazil and began to have wider aspirations.

Juliana has performed on a Brazilian program as well. When she was just 19 years old in 2017, she visited her first US city, Los Angeles.

She observed the parallels between the two locations. She also inked a deal with ELITE Models when she was in the country.

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