Partner at Julia Zemiro Carsten Prien represents Duncan Hill Property as a real estate agent. Carsten Prien oversaw finances in Denmark.

As the host of the music quiz and live performance program RocKwiz, the Australian television host with French ancestry made a reputation for herself. She joined the Bell Shakespeare Company and began performing plays throughout the globe, which launched her acting career.

She found her passion when she started appearing as a presenter for World Telly 2, an international co-production.

Since then, she has performed on Totally Full Frontal and served as a regular debater and panelist on Good News Week. She is known as the one who founded ABC.

Julia Zemiro
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Julia Zemiro Partner: Carsten Prien Bio

Partner at Julia Zemiro Carsten Prien started his career in 1995 as a Commercial Director. Carsten previously handled financial management.

It’s a story taken from a book, and it took place in 2013. As she traveled to the nation to serve as the Eurovision host, she was reading a book about Denmark. He started talking to her right away because she drew his interest.

It was like an impromptu tinder date, so she enjoyed learning from her seatmate as much as possible.

Even after passing the gate, they continued to talk before sealing the deal with a kiss. She didn’t find his advancements strange, so she made her move after looking through his LinkedIn. She quickly proclaimed him her soul mate after just a few dates.

However, Carsten came with baggage because he had two sons and was divorced. While he embraces her excessive flirting tendencies on stage and gives her freedom, he does not shackle her to his sides.

They have shifted to a more conventional way of life with a mansion in Sydney and Bowral with neighbors like Jimmy Barnes, Andrew Denton, and Noelene Brown. She continued by saying that she enjoys cooking for the boys and wants to make a good impression on them.

Carsten’s Average Monthly Sales Are One Million

Carsten Prien recently sold a property for $1 million, demonstrating the advantages of working in real estate.

He started as a licensed real estate agent in 2021 when he joined Duncan Hill Property, Bowral. He has always viewed the industry favorably and has an unwavering passion for people and real estate.

Most of his clientele originated from the Mittagong catchment area, but their network has since expanded to cover New South Wales Southern Highlands.

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He has also worked as the NN’s director of new opportunities for the past two years.

Before joining the successful business, he was the commercial director at Interest Foods Pty Ltd. Before quickly changing careers in 2015. He spent 20 years concentrating on trading juices. He was given a chance to serve as the director of AFI, the company that distributes IPRONA Fruit Juice.

From 2015 to 2020, he served as the company’s director when Australian Cladding Specialists shifted from supplying and installing edibles to noncombustible aluminum panels.

Is Carsten Prien A Philanthopist?

According to his LinkedIn page, Prien likes to assist others, which would cause people to refer to him as a philanthropist.

He started his long list of meritorious deeds in the 1970s when he worked as a coach and referee for Juniors in the local football team in Denmark. He enjoyed teaching the kids at Stenlse Boldklub for four years before having to leave.

Twenty years later, he reclaimed control of his time and started coaching Bowral United Football Club. He worked as the junior soccer teams’ trainer for fifteen years before relocating to the USA.

In 2022, he eventually became a member of the Rotary International board, which helps people locally and globally.

Details On Julia Zemiro Parents And Her Childhood

Julia Zemiro was brought up by her parents, three siblings, and grandparents. Julia was born and raised in Aix-en-Provence, France, where she spent her first two years.

She most likely knew no English when she was younger and only learned it as she got older. Her grandfather Tom would break macadamia nuts or feed ducks beneath his large Queenslander during the days.

While attending the Sydney Girls High School and the University of Sydney, she also rapidly adjusted to the heat. She graduated with a degree in painting before getting accepted into the Victorian College of the Arts Drama School and moving to Melbourne.

Even though her parents separated when she was nine, she admitted in an interview with SMH that she had an excellent relationship with them.

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Being the only child, her wealthy French restaurant owner father, Claude, lavished her with love.

Life was not easy for him because his father passed away when he was six. After losing her work, his mother left her two sons in the orphanage’s care to fend for themselves.

He eventually accumulated enough money to open a French restaurant in Bondi. She recalled him telling her that cooking your onions until they are caramelized will give food a natural flavor.

Jane Zemiro’s mother was born and raised in Queensland but left for France when she was just 20 years old.

While working as a waiter on the same cruise, she met the man who would become her husband. Due to their attraction, they soon began dating and eventually married.

Her mother continued to work as a French teacher in high schools while her spouse opened the restaurants Home Cooking and Crab Apple. The University of Sydney employed Zemiro as a lecturer.

After receiving the Ordre des Palmes Académiques in 2000, she did obtain government recognition from France.

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