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Juhayna Djebara, a social media celebrity, recently found herself at the center of a controversy after sharing a photo with Taehyung. Learn about the Juhayna Djebara and BTS Taehyung controversy in this article.

Djebara is a rising social media celebrity and content producer. She has 25.5k followers on her TikTok account, mainly known for her content.

She has approximately 24.6k Instagram followers and is well-liked. She creates various dancing and trending TikTok videos on her TikTok account and shares beautiful photos of herself on her Instagram account.

 Juhayna Djebara And Taehyung Controversy Details

Juhayna recently shared a photo of herself with Kim Taehyung, a well-known BTS singer, on her Twitter page. Before posting the picture, she tweeted about her love for Taehyung and how she thinks he is the most beautiful person.

She posted with Taehyung, but BTS fans were not impressed. They wasted no time in tracking down Juhayna’s previous tweets about BTS.

Juhanya accused BTS in a series of tweets, claiming that the group exploits people for their fame and is not a decent human being.

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She also commented on Taehyung’s selfie, saying, “I hate you.” Fans quickly brought these tweets to their attention, insisting that Juhayna was only interested in BTS for fame and that she was not the fan she claimed to be.

On Twitter, many BTS fans slammed Juhayna for her latest photo with Taehyung and the previously offensive messages she had sent. The majority of Juhayna’s Twitter followers were unimpressed with her previous tweets.

What Was Juhayna Djebara’s Reaction To The Controversy?

Juhayna has also been exchanging arguments with the BTS stans to voice her opinion on previous events. However, she clarified that she still supports BTS and adores Kim Taehyung.

She said that her “I hate you” comment on the image of Taehyung was sarcastic and that she was trying to be playful with the artist.

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She also stated that she did not hate the Korean boy band and would never publicly slander anyone. She also discussed her mental health issues and how she is not in the right frame of mind to deal with the entire controversy.

Djebara then advised the fans to be more cautious when attacking people on the internet because mental health is significant, and you never know how it will affect a person.

Juhayna Djebara Wikipedia Explored

Juhayna does not yet have a Wikipedia entry. She is a content creator and social media influencer. She has yet to be featured in any major media outlets.

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Her popularity is snowballing on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. She has, however, faced a barrage of criticism on Twitter.

Nonetheless, the model is lovely, talented, and has a way of capturing her fans’ attention. She appears to be progressing quickly and works as a model and content provider. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information about her personal life on the internet.

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