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Joseph Felix Badio, a former officer in Haiti’s justice ministry, is accused of orchestrating the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moise. Here’s all his Wikipedia and other details about him.

Badio was a former officer in the Haitian justice ministry who later became the head of the government’s anti-corruption section until being fired in May. Badio, for your knowledge, was fired due to significant professional misconduct.

Apart from that, rumors of Badio’s involvement in the killing of Haiti’s president drew even more attention to him. Not only that but he’s suspected of assassinating President Moise and committing armed robbery. The late president was slain at his residence on July 7, 2021.

The assassination is said to have been carried out by a squad of 28 international mercenaries, most of whom are Colombians. Badio was later linked to his assassination, and reports of his detention have been circulating on social media recently.

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Wikipedia: Who Is Joseph Felix Badio?

Joseph Felix Badio, as previously stated, is a former Haitian justice ministry officer. He later became the government’s anti-corruption prosecutor until he was fired on May 17.

Furthermore, his exact age is unknown due to the lack of information about his birth and early life in the media.

Furthermore, Badio grabbed national and worldwide news after his name was linked to Hati’s president’s killing. The group that carried out the murders, according to Haitian authorities, consisted of 26 Colombians and two Haitian Americans.

FInd Joseph Felix Badio Net Worth

Joseph Felix Badio may have amassed a sizable net worth while working for the Justice Ministry, but the exact amount remains unknown because none of the authorities have revealed his wages or income.

Haiti’s President Jovenel Moise

A person in this field can expect to make around $731.47 each month on average. As a result, Badio’s earnings may have been in the same ballpark. He was, however, sacked afterward.

Arrest News Of Joseph Felix Badio

Joseph Felix Badio is said to have been detained in Spring Valley lately, but the story has yet to be confirmed by an authorized source.

According to reports on social media, he got captured in the Spring Valley region. According to CNN, Badio has been issued an arrest warrant for murder and armed robbery against President Moise.

As a result, authorities were on the lookout for him, and Badio’s recent arrest made the rounds on the internet.

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