Jordan River Leaving Mai FM Reasons, Allegations, Age, Wife Details About NZ Journalist

A New Zealand journalist named Jordan River is leaving Mai FM after accusing the station of physical harassment.

Jordan River is a journalist and radio host from New Zealand. On October 4, 2022, he most recently revealed that he would be leaving Mai FM New Zealand, where he hosted the morning show. He made an emotional statement to his fans live on the show.

Jordan has performed in numerous films, TV shows, and live radio broadcasts.

His performance in the film Born To Dance earned him a 2015 Tui nomination for best-supporting actor. He has also appeared on TV programs like Game of Thrones and The Panthers.

Jordan River
Image Source: Instagram

Let’s learn more about Jordan River and look more closely at his charges and age.

Jordan River Leaving Mai FM Reasons: His Allegations

Jordan River just decided to leave Mai FM during the program.

Jordan claims that he is leaving the show because Mai FM is taking a new turn and that he is not a part of the new management’s strategy, but internet people have a different perspective to share.

According to a Reddit discussion discussing his resignation, Jordan may be leaving the show in response to his claims of physical assault. In addition, one user claims that more than 50 women have filed complaints and posted supporting information online.

Instagram user published a post on her Instagram story calling Jordan a “predator” and listing all the issues she claims he initiated. She also begged her followers to defend their loved ones.

Image Source: Instagram

A year ago, River addressed all the claims and rumors making the rounds online by releasing a comment on his Instagram story in response.

He made it clear he was open to suggestions and would keep improving, but he maintained objectivity in his remarks and neither confirmed nor denied the accusations made online.

Although there are numerous web sources for these articles, none of them are trustworthy news or official reports. Furthermore, as far as the internet is aware, Jordan and the alleged victims have never agreed to the accusations.

ProfessionJournalist, Radio Host, Actor

Jordan River Age: How Old Is He?

Based on his work and appearance, Jordan River, a journalist from New Zealand, seems to be between 30 and 35.

But the journalist has never disclosed his age or date of birth online. Likewise, on his social media platforms, he doesn’t post any details about his birthday celebrations for his followers to view.

It doesn’t appear that his friends or coworkers have publicly wished the radio host a happy birthday on social media because he has so meticulously concealed his date of birth from internet users up to this point.

He hasn’t revealed anything online about his upbringing or location of birth, either. So we don’t know for sure, but he may have been born near Auckland, New Zealand.

Real NameJordan Vahaakolo
Age30 to 35 Years Old
Height5 Feet 9 Inches

Who is Jordan River’s Wife?

Jordan River has a son named Wolf but hasn’t yet made his wife public online.

Image Source: Instagram

Wolf was born on September 21, 2020, but no information about his mother has come to light.

Jordan hasn’t discussed his romantic relationships online, even though they may have once been quite severe.

He doesn’t post pictures of himself online with his significant other in a similar spirit. As of 2022, he doesn’t seem to be married and hasn’t made his relationship with anybody known; therefore he appears to be a single parent.

He might be secretly dating someone and trying to keep that person off the internet to avoid unwanted media attention and to be able to enjoy his romantic life in peace.


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