Jordan Poole, a shooting guard for the Golden State Warriors, was born to American parents of Mexican descent.

Jordan Poole, born on June 19, 1999, to former athletes Monet and Anthony Poole, followed his father’s athletic career. In addition, his father has been coaching him since he was a child.

Jordan Anthony Poole is his real name and he goes by Poole Party. The sportsman is also a gym nut who grew up exercising with his father; Anthony was a former basketball and football player.

Poole has inspired many people because he demonstrated perseverance and hard effort are the keys to success. The 23-year-old basketball player represented Michigan Wolverines, La Lumiere School, and Rufus King.

Jordan Poole Nationality, Parents, Siblings Ethnicity And Race
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Jordan Poole Nationality, Ethnicity, And Race Details

Despite being American, Jordan Poole, a player for the Golden State Warriors, is of Mexican and Latin origin. The American basketball star was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and was brought up as a devout Christian who regularly attended church.

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He does, however, exercise great discretion when it comes to the details about his personal life he divulges to the public. Jordan has kept his personal and work lives separate to lead a balanced life.

Jordan Poole Parents Explored

Anthony Poole and Monet Poole are the parents of Poole; in 1999, Monet gave birth to her future star’s child. Anthony, a former basketball and football player in high school, is currently a coach at Wisconsin Playground Elite.

Although the former athlete preferred playing football, he never made his youngster participate in it; instead, he encouraged him to pursue his passion.

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Similarly, Monet was also an athlete in high school, but he chose not to continue his sports career in college; as a result, papa and mama Poole encouraged him to pursue an athletic profession from an early age. Additionally, the basketball player always gets in touch with his parents on good and bad days.

On the other hand, Jordan hasn’t uploaded any photos of his loved ones on social media, although his father, @apoole98, has tweeted about some of their antics.

ParentsMonet Poole, Anthony Poole

Jordan Poole Siblings Details

Poole has two siblings, but they have kept a low profile; neither his sister nor brother has shown up on his social media feeds. The athlete’s older brother attended Marquette University, but unlike his younger sibling, he chose not to pursue a career in sports.

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Although Jordan hasn’t provided enough details about his family, he has a close relationship with Juan Toscano-Anderson, a former teammate. They recently competed against one another while playing with the Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors.

The basketball players’ camaraderie remained unchanged despite their battle for the ball. Similar to how he feels about his other coworkers, they are close.

Who Trained Jordan Poole? Jordan Poole Trainer Details

Jordan is a fitness freak; he frequently accompanied his father, who managed a Sunday gym on Milwaukee’s north side.

The basketball player started shooting on a 10-foot rim with an NBA ball but frequently missed because he was too young. Nevertheless, he persevered and kept attempting until he mastered the three-point shot in middle school.

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Poole developed his free-throw skills thanks to the incentive and disciplined his parents, Monet and Anthony, instilled in him by making him perform ten push-ups after each unsuccessful attempt at a free throw. Since he was a little child, the athlete’s father has been coaching him; without the encouragement and leadership of Older Poole, he would not have advanced as far as he has.

His parents’ unwavering support and confidence have thus always been his pillars of support. They are also proud of the shooting guard because he has come a long way from humble beginnings.

Jordan Poole Net Worth Explored

On October 15, 2022, Jordan agreed to a four-year contract deal with the Golden State Warriors worth $140 million; according to Spotrac, his base salary for 2022–23 is $3,901,399

The Warriors chose the athlete in the first round of the 2019 NBA Draft, giving him a three-year contract worth $6.2 million in guaranteed money. As a result, he made an average annual salary of $1,964,760 in 2019, $2,063,280 in 2020, and $2,161,440 in 2021.

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Poole makes enough money to live his life to the fullest while not taking anything for granted and thriving to achieve better in the following days, according to his social media posts about his lifestyle.

The basketball player has also displayed stunning ensembles from Dockers, a store that sells clothing and other items made by Levi Strauss & Co. Levi Strauss Company.

Jordan Poole Career Details

The basketball player attended Rufus King High School before transferring to La Lumiere School for his final year. He has been playing basketball since high school. Additionally, he committed to play basketball for Michigan in college and joined the La Lumiere squad that won the 2017 Dick’s National High School Championship.

Jordan was also a member of the Michigan Wolverines squad that won the 2018 Big Ten tournament in the 2017–18 season. The basketball player entered the 2019 NBA Draft, was chosen by the Golden State Warriors, and on October 24, made his NBA debut. He did play two seasons for the Warriors as a two-way player, though.

Although Poole lacked power and defensive skills, his commitment to learning helped him become a dynamic and effective scorer. Additionally, he started playing point guard in a three-guard system with Thompson and Steph Curry beginning in January 2022.

PositionShooting guard

Some FAQs

Is Jordan Poole Mexican?

The Milwaukee native Jordan Poole has yet to reveal if he is Mexican.

Who are Jordan Poole’s parents?

Jordan Poole’s parents are former high school athletes who trained him from a young age; his father is Anthony Poole, and his mother is Monet Poole.

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