Jordan Love Family Background, Parents And Siblings

Anna and Orbin Love are Jordan’s parents and live in Bakersfield, California. Sergeant Orbin worked for the local police force.

Jordan has a lot of his dad’s athleticism. Orbin had a successful undergraduate career as a quarterback, all the way to the junior college level, before he decided to join the police department.

Jordan Love lost his father when he was 14, but he never stopped believing in his father’s dream that he would play football in the National Football League.

That hope was realized when the Green Bay Packers picked Love with the 26th overall choice in the 2020 NFL Draft.

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Jordan Love’s Parents

In the military, both of Jordan Love’s parents had extensive experience. Anna, his mother, worked for the California Highway Patrol.

In addition, Love is the youngest of three sisters; the Packers’ quarterback was originally going to be called “Michael Jordan Love,” but his mother disapproved, so he was rechristened as “Jordan Alexander.”

His father encouraged him to try out for quarterback. As of that time, he was a versatile player who had previously played wide receiver.

Even more so, Orbin and Anna Love were always there for their son, praising his many achievements when he was a student at Utah State. Ronika Stone, Jordan Love’s girlfriend, is also very close to his family.

Jordan Love’s Father, Orbin Love

Over 27 years with the Bakersfield Police Department, Orbin Love rose to sergeant. A son of Betty and Orbin C. Love Sr., he entered the world on July 29, 1961.

He had a very close relationship with his sister, Monica Love, during their formative years. A dedicated parent like Love recognized the potential in his child that no one else did.

He had Jordan’s future in the NFL in his sights. Unfortunately, a tragic accident on July 13, 2013, prevented him from living to witness his son’s success.

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According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Jordan was at a basketball game as Anna waited for Orbin to drop off one of their three kids at a high school gymnasium.

When Orbin’s daughter came in and said he had gone home to get something he’d forgotten, Anna realized something wasn’t right and tried to reach out to him immediately. Anna headed back home, and that’s when she saw Orbin laying unconscious.

Jordan Has Three Siblings

Jordan’s sisters are called Kami, Emily, and Alexis. The eldest of the four siblings is Kami, who is presently 34.

Likewise, his second sister, Emily Love Hough, is a Taft College graduate who has worked as a qualified dental hygienist since August 2019.

The couple, both 30 years old, tied the knot on April 9, 2020. The couple moved to Santa Maria, California, with their newborn kid a year before their grand wedding.

Alexis, the youngest, is a merchandising execution associate at Home Depot. She used to work at RITE AID as a part-time assistant manager.

Her LinkedIn page boasts that she graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in criminology and police science.

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