Who Was Jonathan Douglas Sapirman Of Greenwood? Suspected Shooter's Parents & Family
Image: Jonathan Douglas (Source: Twitter)

On July 18, 2022, a brave young guy attacked Jonathan Douglas with a firearm in retaliation, and Douglas shot himself to death. Explore more about the incident in this post.

On Sunday, July 18, 2022, Douglas, a criminal with criminal aspirations, entered Greenwood Park Mall with two AR-style rifles, a pistol, and more than a hundred rounds of ammunition.

He went into the Park Mall intending to commit a horrific mass shooting. But instead, he entered the Greenwood Park Mall and spent an hour preparing the ammunition there.

With a SIG Sauer M400 semiautomatic rifle from a particular class of weapons, Jonathan began to fire indiscriminately at the mall’s food court. As a result, three innocent persons were killed, and two more were hurt.

He reportedly murdered the Indianapolis residents Pedro Pineda, his wife Rosa Mirian Rivera de Pineda, and Victor Gomez.

Jonathan Douglas Sapirman: Who Is He?

Jonathan Douglas was a crazy young man from Greenwood with a criminal mindset. On July 18, 2022, he shot into the Greenwood Park Mall, killing three unintentional victims.

On the other hand, the courageous Indiana resident Elisjsha Dicken, who was shopping at the mall with his girlfriend, tackled Jonathan with his firearm and murdered him quickly.

Image: Indiana resident Elisjsha Dicken ( Source: Twitter)

Many people are curious about Dicken’s experience in the military or law enforcement because of the several lives he bravely saved. However, since Dicken’s lawyer argued for his and his family’s privacy, the authorities have not divulged any information regarding his private life.

Jonathan Douglas Parents & Family Details

There is still some mystery surrounding Jonathan Douglas’ parents because there hasn’t been any information posted online about his family history in the days since. However, many believe his parents and extended relatives may be Greenwood natives.

Due to security concerns, the authorities have not yet revealed any information on his family in the public domain. However, instead of his family, many people are more concerned about the victims’ families since they have expressed their sincere sympathies to them on social media.

It is upsetting to realize that numerous innocent people died due to someone else’s insane behaviour. Utilizing this post, we also express our respect and prayers for the three innocent souls lost in an incident.

Jonathan Douglas Motive Juvenile Record & Eviction Details

Jonathan Douglas’s plan to commit the mass shooting was determined to be motivated by eviction difficulties. He also had a juvenile record, according to the police report.

Image Source: Twitter

Young guys are increasingly using illegal firearms in large-scale shootings. As a result, many people speculate why Jonathan would have committed such heinous crimes at such a young age.

The Greenwood Police Department has thoroughly reviewed the incident to determine his criminal offence. According to the officials, Jonathan has not been found to have a criminal history.

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