Since Jon Batiste has been taking it easy at home lately, he was not on Stephen Colbert. His Covid-19 test result was positive.

Two weeks ago, Jon Batiste was last seen. Since they haven’t seen him on Stephen Colbert’s show, some online communities are concerned. The artist is healthy but is presently in quarantine because of covid-19.

Did Jon Batiste Leave The Late Show?

Batiste will remain at Colbert. He has explained why he will not be at The Late Show.

Job Batiste’s health concerns prevent him from appearing on Stephen Colbert. He revealed that he and his crew had tested positive for COVID-19 on May 5. Consequently, his upcoming Carnegie Hall performance will be postponed.


The performer has postponed additional appearances, including his bandleader role on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show. Because of this, viewers have not recently seen him on the program.

He also said that as soon as he is out from quarantine, he will fulfill his other obligations. On the other hand, his wife likewise has leukemia.

His supporters have been praying for his family and sending their best wishes for a speedy recovery. But his absence has unnerved the audience. Through social media, people have been sharing how much they miss him.

What Happened To Jon Batiste?

Batiste has been named one of the world’s most iconic figures. Additionally, the singer’s health issues related to covid prevented him from participating in the show.

He is currently recovering. He has received the title of Album of the Year and has received five of his ELEVEN Grammy nominations.

Additionally, he stated his positive COVID-19 test on May 7. In order to protect his family, friends, and fans, he has recounted his experience and said that he will skip Colbert’s, Late Show. He’s not present at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert as a result.


Additionally, Jon spoke about his American Symphony premiere that was postponed and was not performed at Carnegie Hall. Fans have also been anxious about Jon.

He has, however, made posts mentioning his inclusion in the list of the 100 Most Influential People. He is really modest for being a part of the group, and he feels lucky to hear Quincy Jones’ words of inspiration. Everyone has been praised for their support and faith in the musician.

Update On Jon Batiste Health Condition

Jon Batiste has not made many disclosures on his health. However, it appears that he is doing well and getting better quickly so that he can return to the stage and resume performing.

The musician tested positive but did not exhibit any severe symptoms. Despite the fact that they have not exhibited any symptoms, the positive tested patient must spend the prescribed quarantine period.

He will return to the stage once the quarantine is through, allowing audience members to see him perform once again.

Why Do Many People Think Jon Batiste Is Gay?

Jon Batiste’s sexual orientation is frequently the subject of online speculations among followers since many people believe Jon is gay for no real reason. He is clearly straight when it comes to sexual orientation.

Meanwhile, a lot of individuals believe that simply because he hasn’t made his love relationship public in recent years, people could assume he is gay. In the ensuing years, there hasn’t been an accurate indicator that he is gay, though.

Furthermore, he has never previously made any dubious admissions about being gay. We have not discovered any evidence that links his sexuality to being gay by looking at his previous social media activity.

Without their consent, it is unfair to judge someone based on their sexual orientation.

Children And Family Of Jon Batiste

Although he is happily married, Jon Batiste’s wife and he do not currently have any children together. In particular, he has been dating the well-known author and journalist Suleika Jouda for more than seven years, starting in 2014.

In February 2022, Jon and Suleika secretly wed and started a new family. On April 3, 2022, the adored pair announced their marriage during a CBS News Sunday Morning interview.

Fans are eager to learn about their child-rearing plans, but as of right now, the couple hasn’t made any public declarations about being parents. Their admirers would be thrilled to see them with kids in their homes.

Jon Batiste Net Worth After His Wife Treatment

Jon Batiste’s net worth has been the subject of rumors among his admirers since his wife’s illness treatment. His wife, in particular, has been receiving leukemia therapy for three and a half years.

Jon now has a net worth of about $4 million. Due to the dearth of reliable sources online, the estimated figure has yet to be confirmed. Furthermore, Jon has never made any information about his possessions public.

Where Is Jon Batiste Today?

At home, Jon Batiste is presently healing from COVID-19. He might, however, return quickly after the quarantine is through.

It is regrettable that he had to reschedule the performance of his American Symphony, for which he had been practicing for a while.

Fans treated him with respect and encouragement through difficult times, despite the fact that the show had to be canceled in the interim.

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