Who Are John Reeves Daughters? Find Thier Business Details

Jewelry businesses “Explora Design” and “Gold Daughters,” which John Reeves’ daughters run, are thriving. Ilaura and Jordan Reeves are John’s two daughters.

The television personality is an Alaskan gold miner. He said that he is a self-made millionaire and one of Alaska’s largest private landowners.

He owns the company Fairbanks Gold, LLC, which has hundreds of acres of patented mining zones in addition to many other claims along rivers on state and federally controlled land.

Reeves continues to unearth mammoth tusks and bones. This area of the world, along with Siberia, served as the woolly mammoth’s original habitat, and it is simple to find them there.

He is one of the wealthiest gold miners, and his family has been featured in the film Gold Rush.

John Reeves
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Who Are John Reeves Daughters?

The jewelry shop operated by Ilaura Reeves, the daughter of John Reeves, is called Explora Design. Jordan is the owner of a company named Gold Daughters.

Explora Design offers a variety of accessories for both men and women. They provide a selection of fossil-based necklaces, earrings, rings, and clothing for guys.

Ilaura uses websites for marketing her goods. She collects the mines and turns them into various pieces of precious jewelry.

According to her website, she spent her early years gold panning on family claims in their hometown of Fairbanks, Alaska. She and her sister co-founded Gold Daughters in 2014.

Her early pastime has had a big impact on their lives. She looks for shark teeth or makes jewellery when she’s not searching for fossils or panning for gold during the summer.

She worked really hard every day to build the company up to where it is today. However, she has never mentioned the sales of her business.

according to her website, “As one of my creative endeavors, I spend hours at a time working alone myself on a single piece of jewelry content. The change in tempo is welcome.”

John Daughters Ilaura Reeves And Jordan Reeves

John Reeves’ daughters, Jordan and Ilaura, are savvy businesswomen who run the family’s jewelry and gift shops. Both of them are examples of successful careers.

Ilaura Reeves

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Ilaura is a well-known TV personality and successful businesswoman. She appeared in Godfathers (2012) and Gold Rush (2010).

She founded Explora Designs and is a co-owner of Gold Daughters. Her ventures are paving the way for future female gold diggers and bringing visitors and locals together by getting their hands dirty, finding gold, and enjoying nature.

Ilaura Reeves is 27 years old, according to a post on the Instagram page @theboneyardalaska. She has worked in the gold mining sector since 2012.

She likes to drive, load up her golden retrievers into the car, crank up the music, and cruise around the neighborhood. While driving, she enjoys looking at various news websites.

Her favorite literary character is Melissa Lewis, the captain in “The Martian,” a book and film. She says her early dream was to work as an astronaut.

After receiving her degree from the University of South Florida in 2013, she and her sister started coming up with business ideas. They eventually decided to create a venue where guests could pan all day, and we would teach them how to do it.

Ilaura Reeves and Drew Longley were married after working together for more than ten years. She and her spouse have two adorable children.

She uses the Instagram username @ilauralongley to post. She has 12,000 fans and 221 follows. She has made 221 posts to her account. She frequently publishes pictures of accessories and her family can be seen on her social media accounts.

Jordan Reeves

Jordan is the owner of Gold Daughter. She started the company in March 2014 and has worked there for eight years. The company is located in Fairbanks, Alaska.

She made her reality television debut on the National Geographic Channel and JR Prospecting in June 2011. She was employed by Metallogeny, Inc. from May 2013 to September 2013 as a geologist.

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The TV personality has worked as an apprentice for Fairbanks Gold Company since June 2012. She is a University of Oregon graduate.

She graduated with an earth and geological sciences bachelor’s degree in 2012. She played catcher for the Oregon Ducks Softball Team and was a member of Scholar Athlete (2008–2011) during her time in college.

John Reeves Family Details

The Alaskan family of John Reeves consists of his wife Jen, their two daughters, and themselves. John and Jen have been married for more than three decades.

Through her daughter Ilaura, they are also blessed with two adorable grandchildren. John and his family were on the global National Geographic series Goldfathers in 2012.

The episode’s main focus was the family as they spent the summer gold prospecting. By the end of the summer, the family had successfully recovered several ounces of gold.

He also has a great love for his grandson Jack. He also uploaded his photos to Instagram.

John’s sibling is Kristin Reeved Park. She keeps an active presence and posts updates on Facebook frequently.

The gold miner’s dog, Pirate, frequently appears in his posts. He likes to ride about with his dog.

The Alaskan family of John Reeves owns a big Fairbanks tourism company, and the Anchorage Daily News enters a new phase with a new court battle in Fairbanks.

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