John Fornetti Bio, Wikipedia, Dental Center And Foundation Details Revealed

John Fornetti of Oak Island owns the Dental Center at Mountain Michigan. John weds Teressa Lagina, brother Rick’s older sister.

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Image Source: The John Fornetti Dental Center

John Fornetti Owns His Own Dental Center

The dentist on Oak Island, John Fornetti, opened up his practice. In addition to his father, John Fornetti, the method employs Daniel Fornetti, a dentist.

John’s father began a family tradition of dental work, which continues today. The year 1944 was the year when John’s dad finished dentistry school. When he returned to Iron Mountain from the war, he worked as a dentist.

He pursued his interest in dentistry by enrolling at Marquette University. Soon after finishing his formal training in 1983, he opened his own office, where he has been active until the present day.

His son Daniel is carrying on the family business after earning his dental degree from Marquette University in 2011.

Image Source: The John Fornetti Center

After that, he spent a year as a lawyer in St. Louis. He eventually returned to his hometown to join his father in the family business.

The seasoned dentist has achieved some fellowship and diplomate credentials. Because of this, he has been able to network with local hospitals and other dentistry groups.

Patients at the John Fornetti Dental Center are cared for in a state-of-the-art facility that uses cutting-edge medical equipment. The décor is designed to make guests feel at home, much like a luxurious hotel.

How Is John’s Relationship With Rick, Marty And Lagina?

Rick, Marianne, Marty, and Teressa Lagina were the four children in their family. From an early age on, the siblings shared a tight bond.

Everyone in the family has found love and settled down with a spouse. Teressa, the youngest of the bunch, is married to the eldest, John.

John now has Lagina relatives whom he may call in-laws. Under this connection, John is Rick and Marty’s brother-in-law.

This means that John’s two kids, both of whom have been longtime cast members, are, in fact, their uncle’s nephews. Moreover, Rick and Marty have great affection for their nephews.

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