Joe Lycett’s sister, Beth Lycett, is a choreographer and dance instructor. Beth also crafts Joe’s television attire.

The comedian’s loving parents supported his choice to make comedy his career. Like his mother, he had an interest in art.

At the age of 22, he made his comedy debut on stage with James Davison, the host of The Big Break.

In addition to 8 out of 10 cats, Celebrity Juice, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Insert Name Here Virtually Famous, and other shows, he also made appearances in them. He even helped to the writing of The Magaluf Weekender.

Joe Lycett
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Joe Lycett Sister Beth Lycett

Joe Lycett’s sister Beth excels in a range of activities, such as dancing and needlework. In the West Midlands of England, Beth works at Dial Solihull as a care act advocate.

She was born on February 16, 1985, making her current age 37. She obtained PTD Associate and Licentiate memberships at Steps Dance Academy.

The dancer received a bachelor of arts in sociology from Nottingham Trent University.

She began her job as an independent living counselor at The Rowan organization, where she has worked for about two years. Later, she served as a team leader and support officer for Saw Trust in Hall Green.

Beth used to manage the staff in the Solihull area, help customers with disabilities get direct payments, and give them financial advice.

From 2014 to 2016, she served as a direct payments officer at Age UK Solihull in the West Midlands, where she gave excellent information and advice on personalization and budgeting.

The well-known sibling motivates the teams to produce high-quality information and advice. She even helped make the social care plan, direct payments, and provisions for both adults and children in The Care Act of 2014.

She has worked in marketing, management, coaching, budgeting, event planning, people management, and giving great customer service, among other things.

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Her volunteer work was also active. She worked as the vice principal for arts and culture at a Steps dance school.

Beginning in September 2007, she worked for The Scout Association as a Cub Scout Leader and choreographer for a group of young people in Birmingham.

She gives choreography help as well as interesting, fun, and instructive activities for the district gang show.

Joe Lycett Has Good Bond With His Siblings

To one another, Joe and Beth resemble brothers and sisters. She even made a garment for her brother after spending a year learning to sew.

Following the appearance of the comedian in a camouflage shirt on an episode of the British show Sewing Bee, people began to inquire about it.

He proudly exclaimed that it was special as his sister stitched it for him. In 2019, he stated, she only recently learned to sew, and she made the item especially for her brother.

The dancer shared a video of her brother performing to Shania Twain’s I’m Gonna Getcha Good on her social media pages.

She mostly challenges him by tagging him in the Miranda YouTube video and asking him to learn to twerk like Miranda. Previously, she posted a picture of her brother practicing his Ronnie Barker impersonation.

In 2013, she treated herself to a piece of carrot cake as a tribute to her brother.

Parents Of Joe Lycett

Joe’s parents, David and Helen Lycett, live in Hall Green, Birmingham. He was raised in Solihull by a loving family.

He had his grammar school education at King Edward VI Five Ways in Bartley Green. He then enrolled at the University of Manchester to pursue acting and English studies.

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It would surprise him if he went somewhere else because he had a wonderful upbringing in Birmingham.

Evelyn and Douglas Lycett are the comic’s grandparents. His father previously shared a photo of them enjoying Kulfi ice cream with his family online. He said his grandfather is a writer of dry humor.

His mother is a multi-media artist who sews and paints. Miss Esme Young, Ginny Lemon, Jane, Alan Bennett, and Peony were all shown in a sketch she sent out.

She also drew a picture of Beth while creating the clothes and claimed that she had at last felt like she had caught the beauty of her precious daughter.

His maternal ancestors were from Nottingham, and his mother Helen’s grandmother Margaret Annie Wilkison was a darts champion.

She taught her daughter how to knit. The comedian’s mother periodically makes her mother’s knitting designs available.

His great-grandfather, Robert William Wilkinson, belonged to the Buffalos or Buffs.

The television host revealed the Great British Sewing Bee was his mother’s all-time favorite program. He had no expertise making clothes, so he had to learn how to sew to host the BBC Two program.

Joe Lycett Relationship Details

Joe Lycett often cracks jokes about his companion, and everyone wonders who she is and how they met.

He once said jokingly that his family would never comprehend or accept his life choices when someone said he could find someone real because he couldn’t marry a stock photo of a baker.

He stated in May 2022 that his management team had cautioned him not to share the pictures since doing so would spread speculations about his love relationship. He added anything they requested without sincerely regretting his actions.

Harry Griffin was commonly seen with his leg being supported by Lycett. He conveyed his enthusiasm for the travel experiences they had not yet even dreamed of.

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