The name Joanne Laidley fits Danielle’s charming wife. She is well-known as Danielle’s wife and for being a supportive and motivating supporter of her husband.

Joanne, a clever lady who can care for her family and help her husband at work, has been doing just that. Along with being known as Danielle’s wife, her strong personality is a distinguishing feature.

Dean James Laidley, a former AFL star, was both a player and a coach in Australian rules football. Dean played Australian Football (AFL) with the West Coast Eagles and the North Melbourne from 1987 to 1997.

Dean, a father of three, has recently been more easily identified as Ms. Dani Laidley. Dani takes great pride in being a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

Joanne Laidley Bio, Wikipedia, Husband, Married Life, Ex-Husband, And Children Details Of Danielle Laidley Wife
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In This Post, Get To Know About Joanne Laidley Bio, Wikipedia, Husband, Married Life, Ex-Husband, And Children’s Details Of Danielle Laidley’s Wife.

Joanne Laidley Wikipedia Bio Details

The couple’s current spouse, Joanne Laidley, was married to Dean Laidley, who underwent sexuality change surgery in 2020 and is now known as Dani. This couple is no longer living together. Although Dean’s family has not been made public yet, after his arrest in 2020 on suspicion of stalking, the coach referred to Dean’s mother, Carmel Freiburg.

Joanne Laidley is an entrepreneur famous for having been Dean Laidley’s mistress. Dean is now better known by his new name, Dani Laidley, and is a coach and player in Australian rules football. Joanne was born in Melbourne, Australia, in 1967 and grew up there.

She was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, on March 27, 1967. She was born in Australia and currently resides there. Joanne spent her childhood with her family, per her birth certificate. She has been a mum because of her family history, so we don’t know who her parents or siblings are. It is common knowledge, however, that both her parents were successful businesspeople.

As with her husband, Dean Laidley, Dean Laidley’s wife, is a brilliant mind. She went to a private school somewhat close to where she grew up. Soon after finishing her education, she began working at several financial institutions. Joanne Laidley stands at about 1.6 meters (5 feet 4 inches) (162 cm).

They say she weighs 132 pounds (about 60 kg). Also, her beautiful grey eyes and dark brown hair stand out. However, her current lack of knowledge about her actual body measurements and other physical features is problematic.

Joanne Laidley Husband Details

Danielle and Joanne Laidelye dated for quite some time before they got married. They fell in love at first sight when the couples met. In his mind, Dean’s future has always been with Joanne.

The couple finally broke the marriage code, and the rest is history. They were formerly regarded as one of the most desirable couples in sports but are now divorced. Each partner has their reasons for wanting a divorce.

At the moment, Joanne has a positive outlook on life and is achieving great success in her personal and professional endeavors. However, since she finds the company of journalists to be draining, she has stayed away from social media.

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Dani Laidley is dating Donna Leckie, a childhood friend of theirs. The couple’s first date was November 9, 2020. They’ve been an item for a very long time now. Dani and Donna have continued their picture-swapping conversation.

However, now that the AFL and broader community have embraced her transition, Dani is much more at peace. His ferocity on the field earned him the nickname “Junkyard Dog,” He has been embroiled in countless scandals and confrontations in his career and personal life.

By the year 2020, the Junkyard Dog has exposed his secret identity as a female. After being diagnosed with dysphoria in 2017, Dani began the transition in November 2019.

PartnerJoanne Laidley

Joanne Laidley Marriage Details

Throughout his life, Joanne Laidley has backed Dani up no matter his choice. So when Joanne learned of his plan to change his sexual orientation, she was pretty understanding and accepting.

Since Dean and Joanne were so close before their divorce, sustaining a committed relationship without trusting one another has been challenging. While everyone must pull their weight, Joanne also has more nuanced responsibilities as a decent wife.

They are still on friendly terms despite their breakup. They share a common bond as long-time spouses and parents of a blended family. They still care for one another, but it’s been a while since they were seen out and about together—places where Dani is regularly spotted in the wild.

Who Is Joanne Laidley Ex-Husband?

After Dean was arrested for stalking, there were rumors that his pictures had been leaked. Images of the former NFL player and coach on social media show him with a blonde wig and makeup.

The shot was taken on a Saturday in the police station after Dean had been arrested for stalking. After being charged further, he chose to remain in jail rather than apply for bail.

Dean Laidley Sexuality Explored

Laidley claimed that during the 1990s, she would utilize any free time to learn more about her sexual identification, despite feeling guilty about neglecting her family and the West Coast Eagles.

There was a hole in her ceiling where she kept a garbage bag full of dresses, skirts, and makeup for the day she decided to come out as a woman for the first time.

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Dani plans to make the most of the few hours she has to herself today. She remembered thinking, “She’s going to give in to a long-repressed urge at last.”

Laidley forced herself to go on a tour of Perth’s Subiaco markets before the “dizzying” experience drove her back to her car.

Joanne Laidley Children Details

Dani Laidley has three kids named Kane, Brooke, and Molly. In addition, Laidley and her better half have been showered with three children throughout their marriage.

The dignitary is the biological father of her single child and both of her sisters. Molly Ledley, the youngest of the couple’s three children, left the most profound impression on them.

Dean and her partner, Ken Leadley, then invited the prospective father of their child to the celebration. The couple divorced for a while but eventually reconciled and had Brooke Ledley as their new daughter.

Concern for the well-being of family members was maintained. But, most significantly, we know that Kane Laidley is a talented performer among Dean’s children.

DJing is a passion for Kane, and he intends to make a living doing it. Kane’s Instagram account, @novaaneaus, is an excellent resource for anyone interested in discovering more about him.

More than a thousand people have stuck with Kane despite his many relocations. In any case, there was not a lot of familiarity with them because neither Molly nor Brooke is a web entertainer, and Dean does not follow them.

ChildrenKane Laidley, Molly Laidley, Brooke Laidley

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