Joanne Bishop Obituary, Death Cause: Was He Murdered By Killer Shane Clark
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On May 29, 2018, Joanne Bishop, age 39, was killed by Shane Clarke, age 52, who had been her lover for six years. After savagely stabbing his partner, Shane called 999 and admitted to killing her. Get to know more about the incident in this post.

Shane Clarke gave a smile and a thumbs up to Joanne’s father and sister in court and displayed no remorse for his wrongdoing.

At Oxford Crown Court, where Clarke received a life sentence, a recording of his terrifying 999 calls, which lasted 90 seconds and featured him laughing, was played.

He admitted to killing his partner and was given a 20-year parole ban. He will be 72 years old when he completes his sentence.

Shane Clarke was previously imprisoned for narcotics charges and served a 12-year term for enticing a guy and slicing his face with a razor in the 1980s.

Joanne Bishop Murdered By Killer Shane Clarke Details

When her partner Shane Clarke, 52, killed Joanne Bishop on May 29, 2018, she was 39 years old.

Then, chuckling as he called 999, Shane made a terrifying confession: “Just stabbed the missus.”

With a screwdriver, Clarke stabbed Bishop 29 times close to her chest. Bishop passed away in the hospital four days after Clarke finally phoned for an ambulance.

The assault occurred in Bishop’s bed at her house in Brent, Tinkers Bridge.

Before dialling 999, Clarke contacted his pals to let them know he was cancelling his shift. He even made the “oops” sound.

Even though paramedics made every effort to rescue Joanne, their efforts were ineffective since Joanne had brain damage and passed away four days later in the hospital.

She was transferred to Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital for medical attention.

Joanne Bishop Obituary Details

On June 2, 2018, Joanne Bishop died after four days of survival-saving measures.

Her father, Harold, expressed his devastation at having to bury his daughter’s remains in the victim impact statement.

The discussion of football would bring the father and daughter together.

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When the paramedics discovered Joanne had a pulse, Harold briefly believed his daughter might still be alive. However, as soon as the paramedics lost Joanne, Harold’s optimism vanished.

The fact that Joanne’s death wasn’t simple particularly hurt her father. She struggled valiantly to the very last to survive, but the wounds were severe.

Joanne’s sister, Sandra, expressed how grieved she was by her sister’s passing and how saddened she was that her kid would never get to meet her aunt.

Joanne Bishop Cause Of Death Explored

Joanne Bishop passed away after receiving 29 chest stab wounds close to her heart.

Before he killed her with a knife, Shane and Joanne cohabitated for six years. However, the pair had relationship problems, and Clarke thought his girlfriend was cheating on him.

After killing his partner, Clarke left her lifeless body on the floor but refused to enter the house when the paramedics came.

He was convinced to accompany the team of paramedics, where he left her body.

F***, those ambulances are fantastic, aren’t they? Clarke commented after paramedics were able to detect her pulse.

Because of the murder of Joanne, Clarke received a life sentence and will not be eligible for parole for 20 years.

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