The only connection between JJ Chalmers and Judith Chalmers is their shared experience producing travel-themed television.

Although they have the same last name, JJ Chalmers, 35, and Judith Chalmers, 86, are not genetically related. The likelihood is that the two have never communicated.

Judith hosted the ITV show Wish You Were Here in the 1970s, and JJ was one of the presenters for the BBC show Getaway.

JJ joined the profession in 2016, while Judith, dubbed the “Queen of British Vacations,” has been in the media for the previous 50 years.

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Is JJ Chalmers Related To Judith Chalmers? 

Although they are not related by blood, JJ Chalmers and Judith Chalmers are colleagues. The two share the same nationality and work as television hosts.

JJ Chalmers is a well-known broadcaster who served his country as a Royal Marine. JJ Chalmers experienced a life-altering encounter in 2011 while serving in Afghanistan.

JJ suffered facial injuries as a result of the IED explosion that killed two soldiers and left the 35-year-old seriously hurt. JJ also suffered the loss of two fingers, and his right lower leg was entirely destroyed.

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JJ’s recuperation journey was incredibly difficult because he had to relearn how to walk, eat, and carry out daily tasks. The 2014 Invictus Games champion, however, refused to let his handicap defeat him.

Mard Duden Smith, the son of Judith Chalmers, hosted the new version of the program in 2008.

And in 2020, JJ, who drew inspiration from Judith, served as a presenter on the BBC program Getaway, which was akin to Wish You Were Here? as well as highlighted vacation spots.

Comparing JJ Chalmer And Judith Chalmer Net Worth And Family

JJ Chalmers was born in 1986 to John and Liz Chalmers, and he grew up with his two siblings. Liz Chalmers, the wife of John Chalmers, moderated the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland in addition to caring for the home.

JJ and his wife Korneila Chitursko, who wed in January 2015, had two children together: Hayley Chalmers and James Chalmers. JJ Chalmers is believed to have a net worth of $1 million, which he amassed through his six years of work as a presenter and his service in the royal marines.

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Judith Chalmers was similarly born to an architect for her father and a medical secretary for her mother. Judit’s younger sister Sandra Chalmers went dead in 2015, and unlike JJ, Sandra had also perished.

Neil Durden Smith and Judith were married in 1964, and they later had two children, Mark and Emma.

Given that Judith has had a longer career than JJ, it is not surprising that she has the advantage. She is currently a resident of North London and is $5 million rich. Judith was seen traveling with her family to Barbados.

JJ Chalmers Disability: Update On His Injury

JJ narrowly avoided having both limbs amputated after an IED exploded in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province in 2011. JJ lost two fingers as a result of the explosion.

The former Royal Marine also sustained face wounds. He underwent years of surgery and rehabilitation after the catastrophe, and he still requires operations now.

According to an interview JJ did for Help for Heroes, when he was medically released in 2016, he remarked, “I mistakenly assumed I was fixed, but it wasn’t completed.”

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It never will be, he continued, “especially if I want to lead an active life. I’ve had three or four major operations since then and have realized that I basically require care.

The speaker asserts that he still needs help from his family to complete simple household chores. However, JJ has a gorgeous friend in Kornelia Chitursko, who has helped him recuperate.

Chef Kornelia Chitursko works for The Seafood Shack, a small catering business with its main office in the UK. The couple wed in 2015 and now has two kids.

The two are good friends, and Prince Harry has complimented their courage. Military service brought the two together, and JJ played a significant role in Prince Harry’s 2014 announcement of the Invictus Games.

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