In January of 2022, Jim Howe tragically lost his beloved daughter Sienna. Both Blayze and Jimmy Howe are Jim’s sons.

Howe and his wife Amanda have three children: two from a previous relationship. In January 2022, however, his daughter, who was 22 years old, went dead.

Howe and his family have made Crossville, Tennessee, their permanent residence. Initially, Jim was inspired to become a racer since his family owned Crossville Dragway. Over the past decade, he has prioritized his family and neighbourhood.

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Jim Howe’s Daughter Sienna Howe

Sienna Howe, Jim’s cherished daughter, has passed away. Jim shared the sad news about his sick child on Facebook.

On January 11, he said his daughter was having a nice time at a birthday celebration, laughing and eating with relatives and friends before her untimely death.

She had beat cancer and was now living out her goals. According to what Howe said, she is the kindest girl you could hope to meet.

She is a positive and friendly young lady. 911 was called on the racer in the morning because his Sienna was having trouble breathing.

To make matters worse, the racer was still 800 kilometres away. Sienna had stopped breathing at 7:30, and EMS had been performing CPR for 13 minutes. After that, she fell into a coma.

Sienna’s positive attitude helped her fight cancer every day. Sienna had a soft spot for animals and always looked on the bright side. He said he was grateful to God for his time with her, even if it shattered his heart.

Howe was there as a father figure, providing instruction and advice. To be sure, she added to his education. Jim remarked in his journal that she was the most honest person he’d ever met.

Howe says, “I love you, Sienna,” as a final statement. For me, she was a princess. And if only Daddy and Daughter could have gone on a date today!

It wasn’t just Siena who had access to the whiteboard; Amanda also saw the note. The racer said that she frequently left messages for them.

The one where she’d written “I love you, Mom and Dad” was still there. I appreciate your concern and care throughout the years.

A comment made by Amanda: “She was the nicest person!” Also, grateful. She was able to convey this both verbally and physically. Never once did you have to beg her for assistance.

How Many Children Does Jim Howe Have?

The racer, Howe, has two sons, Blayze and Jimmy. By 2022, his youngest kid would have been six. It’s also worth noting that he entered the world in 2016. Amanda has been quite open on Facebook about the development of her newborn kid.

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Meanwhile, Jimmy helped out at Howe Motorsports with his folks. Their relationship as brothers is strong. Amanda has gone as far as referring to his two boys as Brudders.

Who Is Jim Howe’s Wife?

For the Discovery Plus show Street Outlaws, Howe and Amanda made a guest appearance. They work together to manage Howe Motorsports.

They also put money into altering and racing automobiles. The two even made an appearance on Horsepower Wars, a show airing on MavTV.

Amanda, whose nickname was Puddin, was a native Floridian. John and Maxine raised her as the driver’s parents. In the past, her dad raced on circular tracks. Her father reared her and taught her to care for the family business.

And thus, Amanda and her father found great joy in frequenting motor vehicle exhibitions. Her father educated her about vehicles despite the family’s financial situation. She got into racing at the age of 14 and has competed at Bradenton Motorsports Park.

She participated in her first illegal street racing when she was just sixteen. As soon as she got back on track, she realized that the Drag Radial class was where her heart belonged. She competed on the Sunshine Dragstrip with a 99 Cobra Mustang with a factory suspension.

Even she got behind the wheel of the Roush Mustang drag radial in 2009 and started doing laps. She broke the 200mph barrier in the 1/8th mile on radial tires, making her the first woman to achieve this feat.

Eventually, Amanda spent years working on the race’s marketing and advertising while promoting her vehicle. They were now step-parents after she married Jim. The champion was accompanied by his son Blayze.

She also seems to like softball and pool in her spare time. Amanda is an avid reader and has experience in the financial market as a researcher and investor.

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