Jill Von Dae And Anirudh Pisharody
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Anirudh Pisharody, an Indian actor and producer, and his girlfriend Jill Von Dae exchanged engagement rings. Anirudh recently made waves after appearing in Season 3 of the well-known teen series Never Have I Ever on Netflix. 

Though he was raised in Austin, Texas, the gifted actor and producer are an immigrant from Trichur, Kerala, India. Jill is well-known for being a Chinese Canadian filmmaker, producer, and screenwriter who lives in Los Angeles.

They appeared to be the ideal match and were blissfully married, residing together in Los Angeles, California.

Who Is Jill Von Dae? Anirudh Pisharody Girlfriend Or Wife

Anirudh Pisharody, a well-known actor and producer, is engaged to Jill Von Dae.

Jill and Anirudh started dating in 2015. Pisharody admitted that when he first encountered her in the supermarket parking lot, he immediately felt a deep connection. On April 10, 2015, they started spending more time together and declared their relationship.

The actor proposed to his lovely companion on July 4, 2019, and asked her to spend the rest of her life with him after knowing and understanding each other for almost four years.

Jill Von Dae And Anirudh Pisharody
(Image Source: glamourbuff.com)

On his Instagram page, he posted a picture of himself getting on his knees to ask Jill for the solution. Since they had been dating for almost four years, there was no way Jill could say no. He proposed marriage to her, and she said yes.

After a week, Dae and her partner shared a picture and expressed gratitude to everyone who had bestowed blessings upon them.

Although the couple hasn’t disclosed a wedding date, they did say that Rome would be the location of their wedding celebration. They have been residing together with their two dogs in Los Angeles, California, since getting engaged.

How Old Is Jill Von Dae? Her Age

On April 6, 2022, Jill Von Dae, who is 28 years old, celebrated her birthday with her boyfriend and a few other close friends. Jill is a Hong Kong-born Chinese writer and director who is currently pursuing her profession in Los Angeles.

In 2018, an ambitious woman was recognized by the Los Angeles Film Awards Association as one of the “30 Under 30 Filmmakers to Watch” for her successful film “Rebirth.”

Jill Von Dae And Anirudh Pisharody
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Dae’s dedication to her work is commendable, and she excels at managing every aspect of difficult productions while working internationally.

She is skilled at managing prominent talent relationships, on-location filming, and compelling storytelling. She was an extraordinary filmmaker who created films like the feminist drama “Prayer” and the science fiction short “The Discovery.”

In addition, Dae belongs to Women in Film Los Angeles. She earned her master’s degree from the University of Texas in Austin, and she went on to serve as an example for those women who were reluctant to pursue their dreams.

Jill Von Dae Estimated Net Worth As Of 2022

Jill, a celebrated Chinese-Canadian writer and director, hasn’t revealed any public details regarding her wealth.

However, when looking at her professional development and successes, it is clear that she made a good living in her line of work.

Jill Von Dae And Anirudh Pisharody
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Anirudh has played a variety of parts in the numerous movies Von has written, directed, and garnered recognition for. She also received praise for “Rebirth,” one of the most well-liked films of her career.

Jill and her fiancé led opulent lives in California, which amply proves she made a fortune as a successful director and writer.

Jill Von Dae Instagram Username

Jill Von Dae, a diverse film director, has a presence on Instagram under the username @jillvdae.

Dae frequently posted on her account and kept her 8,854 followers informed about her current work and romantic relationships. She complimented her boyfriend, Anirudh, for being an understanding partner and shared several images with him.

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