The season of Farmer Wants a Wife for this year started last week, but the outcome may already be determined. On the Internet, many theories and conjectures are floating about regarding Farmer Will’s ultimate choice.

The Australian program The Farmer Wants is the British reality television series Farmer inspired a Wife Wants a Wife. The first eight seasons were broadcast on the Nine Network between 2007 and 2012, with Natalie Gruzlewski serving as the host. In 2016, the ninth season with Sam McClymont serving as the host debuted. A tenth season of the program was broadcast on the Seven Network when it was revived for the second time in 2020.

In July 2021, Seven Network ordered a third season of the program for the following year, 2022. As a result, the twelfth overall season of the program premiered on September 4, 2022, with Gruzlewski serving as the host.

Australian rural men eligible for this show go on a series of romantic dates with women in quest of the perfect match they can wed.

Jessica Cova Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Parents: Will She Be Winner of 'The Farmer Wants A Wife'?
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Explore more about Jessica Cova’s Bio, Wikipedia, Age, and Parents: Will She Be the Winner of ‘The Farmer Wants A Wife’? Details in this post.

Jessica Cova Age Details

Jessica Cova, who is almost certainly going to win “The Farmer Wants A Wife,” is 25 years old. She was born on January 30, 1997, in Brisbane, Australia. She exhibits the traits of the Capricorn sign, according to her zodiac sign. The television girl is goal-oriented, organized, ambitious, and doesn’t mind working hard.

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A close source claims that The Farmer Wants A Wife actress who won Will’s heart has been identified and that she has already moved to her farm. She reportedly likes the neighborhood, and their relationship is quite fulfilling.


Jessica Cova Parents Explored

Jessica and her parents are close, and seeing from the outside, the family places a high emphasis on being together. Her parents have a joint Instagram account called @mark, and bec hurley, where you may find them. Mark and Rebecca are both depicted in the display image.

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As the show’s star follows her mother, this handle was located by the media. There is some other truth to it, though. Jess’s mother observes Will, who also follows her, on Instagram. This suggests that Will and Jess are still getting along well and that there is a reasonable probability they will end up together.

Jess’s parents, Rebecca and Mark Hurley, also came to the farm and confirmed that their daughter had moved there.

ParentsRebecca and Mark Hurley

Will Jessica Be the Winner of ‘The Farmer Wants A Wife’?

A bizarre social media indicator suggests that Farmer Will, who has emerged as a fan favorite on the dating show, has a final choice.

On Instagram, the 26-year-old Farmer from Victoria is currently following all eight of his rivals. Still, astute followers have noticed that he also follows Madi Simpson and Jessica Cova’s joint account.

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The bio of their joint Instagram account, @cookingwithmadjess, reads, “Just two normal joes taking the piss in the kitchen.”

Only 12 people, including Farmer Will, have followed the account, and it appears they have not followed him back.

Jessica has the best chances with odds of $1.40, Madi’s at $6, and Alicia Galloway’s at $7.50. The odds of Farmer Will leaving the show without finding love are also $6.

Jess Loves Dogs

George, a small dog who belongs to Jess, means the world to her. He has a whole social media story devoted to him, where everything he does is updated.

She ensures that the memories are appropriately stored, from cleaning to feeding him.

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She frequently wrote paragraphs expressing her gratitude to her animal companion for sharing her life. Although life is not always straightforward, having a steady companion will help you heal.

He is accompanied on her morning walks, she calls him her kid, and she shares all of her joys with him. She is giving him whatever he requests, as you can see. This kind of genuine affection is uncommon. It immediately demonstrates the person’s sensitivity.

Jessica’s Character In Progam

Jessica is introduced to the program as a dental nurse. According to her Facebook page, she attended USQ Toowoomba in Australia after graduating from West Moreton Anglican College.

She currently resides in Esk, Queensland, having been born and raised in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Jessica Cova Instagram Details

Jessica is active on Instagram under the handle @jessicaacova, where her following is growing daily. Jess recently reminded her followers to watch “Farmer Want A Wife” in a post on the platform. She is pictured in a stunning green dress with the caption, “Glowed up and ready for tonight’s episode @FarmerAustralia #FarmerAU 7.30 pm Tonight on Seven.”

She shares her professional and personal journey on social media.


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